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More and more people are using digital content with mobile devices anytime, anywhere, making the online magazine creator tools a great success. Whether on your behalf or in a company, you can use this trend to exchange ideas and market your company without interruption.

In order to make it easier for you to publish your own magazine online, we have selected 7 of the simplest but most powerful online magazine creators for you. Check out the seven list of best online magazine creator tools for best productivity:

1. FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 is the best magazine publishing software that converts your static PDF files into interactive digital magazines in seconds. You can do this simply do by going on the website. Especially if you have problems with page processing via a digital magazine, the research and development team will help you immediately.

2. Mag +

Mag + is a platform for publishing digital magazines, which was specially developed for mobile publications. In this software, you can use the Adobe InDesign plugin to regularly design content and create your own mobile applications. First, you will get a detailed analysis of how your app is used to pay.

3. Pub HTML5

Another digital publishing solution allows you to attractively publish your magazines, catalogs, and portfolios. You can work with your team members to complete your posts wherever they are. In the meantime, it provides easy access to social media buttons. After you have completed your digital broadcast, you can offer it to people all over the world.

4. Fine paper

Interactive precious paper magazines, newspapers, brochures, catalogs, etc. This is a powerful publishing solution. The digital page reversal magazine created by Edelpaper looks interesting due to the HTML5 player. You can also easily read magazines that navigate the screens of your PC, tablet, and smartphone.

5. Joomag

Joomag is an online magazine creator for creating amazing digital publications. Interactive user content that includes audio, video, links, etc. This allows them to be transferred for uploading diaries. First, you can read on most Android and iOS mobile devices using HTML5-compatible technology without downloading third-party tools.

6. Calameo

Calameo is a professional publishing platform that can be used to convert PDF documents into amazing digital publications. You can specify an animated background image for an animated photo, add your own logo, remove third-party ads, print and download your posts, etc. However, you have to pay platinum for these features. Given the cost savings, FlipHTML5 could be a better option to achieve these features.

7. MagLoft

Creating an attractive and flexible page rotations with the Magloft publishing software is just the tip of the iceberg. Programming skills are not required. No third-party software is required. You can easily export simple PDF files to this software, customize your digital media content, and receive your digital publications in seconds.


In summary, FlipHTML5 is an easy-to-use magazine publishing software that can meet the needs of individuals and businesses to translate digital magazines at lower prices. So why not try it?

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