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Using Instagram for small businesses is a powerful (and affordable) way to grow your company (or personal brand). Instagram allows you to reach new customers, stay connected to existing ones, and even make sales directly from the app, which makes it the perfect platform for marketing small businesses and emerging products.

If you can successfully tap into your Instagram audience, with a strategy including both good content and interaction, you can quickly see growth in both your Instagram account and your business sales.

Many marketing studies show that most individuals are unwilling to invest time into a small profile that has little interaction. However, if users see others interacting with your profile, they will be wondering why they are not doing the same, leading to more followers and interaction (Instagram likes and comments). This is why some accounts begin to grow and then hit a plateau … boosting followers and likes can help to grow the account to the next level.

Brands, celebrities, influencers, and even politicians commonly grow the foundation of their popular social media stats by adding followers, likes, views, and comments using marketing services. Adding real followers and likes helps to create a more robust feel and credibility to Instagram posts. Developing a large account from scratch is not easy, and can be quite challenging, expensive, and time-consuming without some additional help.

Why pay to grow your Instagram following?

Social Media is about perception. The number of followers and Instagram Likes is something that many people consider when sizing up which accounts to follow. Profile size and likes is also a common metric that brands use to measure their own Instagram efforts, this is long-proven customer psychology.


Growing your Instagram via buying likes and followers from established sites such as Certified Likes is inexpensive and easy to do, and can be a great help to increase traffic using real accounts.

First, it’s important to note the distinction we’re making here between the explicit act of buying followers from real people and the more loosely defined practice of Instagram automation.

Instagram automation can refer to the act of allowing a “bot” (or robotic account using AI) to like and /or comment on your posts.

Buying followers on Instagram, on the other hand, is exactly that. You link your account to a service such as ours, make a payment, and watch your audience grow in less than 30 minutes.

Although prices can vary greatly on the internet, growing your real Instagram followers using Certified Likes can be quite affordable – with many packages beginning at around $3 USD for every 100 real followers.  We offer lower-priced plans to build high volume, typically fulfilled by bots, as well as targeted plans that are staffed by humans to develop real interaction. Both can be useful to achieve a goal. Many personal accounts prefer “real followers” to add to their profile while businesses prefer the cost-effectiveness and scalability of bots.

In Summary…

You can definitely build high-quality followers with instant delivery using a social media boosting service, gaining real likes from real users.

We have seen, and caution users to beware of “free Instagram” or “free trial” subscription services, as the consistency is difficult to track, and the quality of service can vary greatly. Rather, it’s best practice to use a boosting service, such as Certified Likes, with years of experience and credibility, and hundreds of thousands of users.

There’s no doubt that social media marketing is a very vital component of business, and that Instagram is one of the major social media platforms for promoting your business or personal brand online.

Growing social media presence can easily be a full-time task, and many businesses ultimately outsource their social media to agencies or in-house experts, which requires a large budget.  In the meantime, the account and reputation of the brand are totally dependent on organic growth. This is where services such as CertifiedLikes become a valuable and effective part of your growth strategy. CertifiedLikes has supported hundreds of thousands of users over the past 6 years.

Checkout is fast and easy with our payment system, and PayPal is used to deliver security with each transaction and backed with our 24/7 customer support.


Our Company is comprised of a US-based team of Social Media Experts, along with support teams globally. Our reputation (Customer Satisfaction) is very important to us, as well as your referral business.

If you have any issues with your purchase or our service, you may contact us directly via email, and we will provide the best possible solution for you. Our team works on EST (Eastern Standard Time) and is available extended hours as well as weekends. You can typically expect a reply within just a few hours.

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