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tile and grout cleaning

Tired of trying to clean tiles and grout? Tiled floors and surfaces always look great the first time they are applied, but they can get dirty over time, and it can be difficult to find an over-the-counter cleaner that gives you the shiny results you are looking for. Tile and grout cleaning solutions may work, at first, but if you are just looking for a new look, you may need to hire a professional cleaning service.

Whether you need to clean tiles and grout in Melbourne or any other area of Victoria, it may be time to consider getting someone to handle the cleaning on your behalf, rather than spending more hours of your valuable time cleaning stains and discoloration that is not going to go away. Away. So how do you decide which cleaning company to call?

tile and grout cleaning services

Experience – Since you want the best results the first time, you need to contact a company with experience getting your tiles and grout clean and shiny. Through the use of established professional tiles cleaning techniques, the ability to look at floors or tiling, and know exactly how to get the results you need, choosing an experienced contractor can make all the difference.

Recommendations – It is always important to know that other customers are happy with the service the company you are considering working with. Look for tile and grout cleaning companies that can show they have good customer reviews and you’re happy to look at examples of what they can do.

Warranties – Some companies offer cleaning guarantees, or a re-cleaning service if you are not completely satisfied with the results. This gives you the confidence to move forward.

Taking the time to choose the best contractor that meets your needs means that you are more likely to get great results in the long run.

Tile and grout cleaning

Tile is a very popular and versatile option for flooring. While most kitchens and bathrooms are equipped with tiled floors, more and more homeowners are choosing to use tiles throughout the entire home.

tile cleaning tips

Tile floors are durable and long-lasting, they reduce dust production, help keep your home free from dust mites and other irritants, and are easy to keep clean. However, even with a thorough cleansing routine, tiles can start to become less shiny over time. Dirt, grease, and grime can over time make the tiles lose their luster, especially grout.

Grout tiles

Grout is the mortar found between individual tiles. Most of the time, grout becomes stained because it was not sealed properly with a grout sealant when the tiles were first applied, or because the sealant has worn off over time. Normal traffic will almost always fade with time. Once the sealant has penetrated, the grout is subject to staining.

Routine maintenance

Regular cleaning of the tile floor will ensure that it lasts longer, as well as looks good for longer. Vacuuming and mopping tile floors weekly will keep dirt, stains, and grime from accumulating on the tiles themselves and in the grout in between.

Regular floor cleaning will also help keep your home healthy by drastically reducing the number of irritants, such as mold, mildew, and bacteria, which also allows for cleaner, fresher air quality indoors. Using cleaning products on the floors will rid your home of these irritants. Make sure you read the labels on all the cleaning products you use in your home properly, as certain groups of chemicals can be dangerous to your health. For example, you can clean floors with bleach or ammonia, but combing the two chemicals can be very dangerous, and they should not be used together.

tile cleaners

Hire a professional

With proper routine maintenance, tile floors will last a long time before needing the best tile and grout cleaning services. Most of the time, it’s the grout that requires cleaning first, and many carpet cleaning companies offer tile and grout cleaning services. Whether your tiles need a new sealant due to age, or the tiles haven’t been properly sealed in the first place, these professional services can completely clean the floors as well as add a new sealant for tiles and grout.

Many of these professional services will remove dirt and bacteria from tiles and grout, keeping them in brand new condition. A professional-grade sealant is then applied to the mortar to ensure maximum protection.

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