Body Armors And Their Different Kinds

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Body Armors And Their Different Kinds

Body armors are protection vests meant to protect the human body. There have been many crimes, and the evolutions of arms and ammunition have made it mandatory for not only the security personnel but also the common people to ensure their safety by using safety gear that includes body vests. The frontline officers and security personal need to be very particular about their protection and need to choose the appropriate ballistic vest. The body armors are available in different varieties that separately cater to different kinds of threats. Every body armor provides a different level of protection, and in order to keep oneself safe, you will have to choose wisely and by keeping in mind your profession. 

There are three major types of vests available in the market to provide you protection from specific threats:

Stab proof:

There is crime everywhere, and you do not know which person is carrying what weapon. But this thing is sure that not everyone has the courage to carry a gun, but knives and blades are the most accessible and carried weapons among individuals who commit crimes. So, the people who have to come in contact with such people need to wear a stab and spike proof vest to prevent those weapons from penetrating the flesh. The people that should wear the stab-proof vests include correctional officers, warehouse security guards, other property security guards, etc. 

Soft armor vests:

The security personnel who need to wear the vest on a regular basis wants a lightweight vest so that weight doesn’t create a problem when there is the situation of arms fire. The police wear such vests that are tightly woven with a strong fiber. The vests are strong enough to provide protection from small fires and light enough to be a comfortable fit. These vests are not totally bulletproof but bullet resistant. You should know that bullets shot at a short distance can cause severe damage. A bullet shot from close can still cause a blunt force trauma to the organs of the person wearing a soft armor vest. So, this is basically made for the police officers and other security personnel that have to wear them regularly. 

Ballistic vests:

Arms are of different types and can cause different types of damages. While small arms fires can be resisted by wearing soft armor vests, the same is not true for rifle fire. An individual need to be more specific to choose from the vests when they are under greater threats than small fires and stabbings. The ballistic vests are also known as bulletproof vests that provide added protection to the wearer. The vest is heavier than the soft vest as it is made of hard ballistic plates to resist heavy arms attacks. The wearer will not be comfortable as it is heavy and allows less mobility. Soldiers wear the ballistic body armors, and to make their body familiar with the heavy vest, they are trained to wear the weight so that they can move around quickly in the actual field. 

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