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Trends may come and go, but retail merchandising is here to stay. Since retail merchandising has already been here for a long time, there are a few product merchandising trends that remain everlasting. However, updates and better alternatives are coming up too, and a few trends are continually changing and being adopted by merchandising companies. Let’s decode a few everlasting retail merchandising trends that are here to stay and sure to bring in sales.

Colour it right

Anyone from the marketing field can tell you how vital colour remains for a brand. Logos, advertising commercials, posters etc. are all made keeping a very focused emphasis on the right mix of colours. For your product merchandising strategy, make sure to match the right colours and choose colours that present your brand well. For example, a private hospital cannot have advertisements and logos with bright, ostentatious colours like purple and red. Their communication through colours has to be on the sombre side.

Tip – Always make sure to adopt your brand’s colours in any display to help customers connect your retail products to your brand.

Rule of Three

It is another classic retail strategy that is here to stay for long. When you are concerned with display, there has to be symmetry to attract the customer and draw them in. Grouping display products in a pair of three creates an aesthetically appealing symmetry. You should arrange your retail items with by size, prize or variant type. Positioning every product in pairs of three will attract more customers as opposed to leaving a single product which looks odd.

Cross Merchandising

Cross Merchandising is another prevalent retail strategy in the retail world. The concept behind this strategy is to drive sales by placing two related products together. Accurately, two products used together when putting next to each other are more likely to cue customers to make associations and then purchases. For example, retailers can place a mascara and eyeliner together, and another combination that can be put together is a detergent and a cloth conditioner. Merchandising is also increasingly used in the industry to introduce new products to the customers.

Cues for customers

Cues and directions for customers are essential in a retail store. Retail stores without directions and cues generally fall short on offering the right retail experience to their customers. Guiding your customers to the right departments helps them navigate through a retail store better. Similar is the case for information, and customers are looking for more information on products. So, quick and short snippets of information here and there makes shopping easy and can drive more purchases by a consumer also. The customer won’t be stressed and more likely to pick up things if they find it useful. 


Keep these classic retail merchandising strategies always in your back pocket. There will be more strategies that come up in a few years, but some things never go out of style. Make sure to adhere to a few essentials of retail merchandising and keep switching things up around. New trends, new strategies, placements attract more customers and switching retail plans might see a tip in sales for your retail.

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