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Brand content is about creating content to showcase a company and its Best Digital marketing . The objective is to unite customers around the positive values ​​of the company and to create an immediately identifiable universe to set it apart from the competition. This brand content strategy can take different forms (computer graphics, podcasts, video, storytelling) and be broadcast on several media (social networks, radio, TV, blog, etc.). In all cases, the content must interact with the audience and highlight before the company label.

Brand content and digital

In the past, companies concerned with positioning their brand image had as their sole medium advertising, visuals on packaging and event creation. From now on, they can reach a wider audience and win new customers by using digital. To do this, they will develop a content strategy focusing on information and entertainment. This communication is not necessarily directly related to the brand’s product. Indeed, it may relate to much broader fields related, in particular, to the values ​​conveyed by the company.

This content very different from traditional communication can take the form of podcasts, videos, news sections or an active presence on social networks. Indeed, brand content must reach its target through creativity and storytelling. It’s more about storytelling to improve brand image and reputation by capturing the interest of the target audience.

Examples of successful campaigns

In the circle of marketers, the brands Dove and M & M’s are often cited as references. In 2019, to promote his brand image, Dove made videos where a portrait painter sketched the features of a man or a woman from the description made by a third person who had met them briefly. After 12 days of airing, the videos had been viewed over 180 million times. This campaign illustrates the effectiveness of a good brand content strategy. It creates a direct link between a real fact and the values ​​of the brand put forward by videos that take on their full meaning.

In another register, M & M’s has transformed its famous sweets into comic book characters Mischievous, mutinous, sometimes excessive, they embody the brand. Red and yellow become an endearing couple who follow the news and animate their social networks.

More recently, Candia has developed a site, “Responsible dairy”, to promote its range of dairy products from animals raised without GMOs, under conditions promoting their well-being. Their spokespersons are breeders from all regions of United States campaigning for reasoned agriculture, attentive to environmental values. It is both user-friendly and qualitative. In addition, consumers can “track” a product, learn more about this universe and participate in contests launched on the Facebook or Instagram page.

How to develop brand content for a company?

Brand content is not limited to advertising creation. This is also used by museums; animated films produced by Pixar and take the form of derivative objects. It is a way of promoting a business. Seat and Canal have joined forces to create the Detours news media on the web. In all cases, it is a question of producing content or an object which transmits the values ​​of the company and its qualitative approach.

What is the difference between brand content and traditional advertising?

Traditional infomercials employ journalistic techniques to promote a brand. Classic advertising touts the qualities of a product to encourage people to buy it. Branded content wants to create a link between the consumer and the brand. It focuses on the customer experience so that the latter can identify with the brand, creating a feeling of proximity and belonging. The communication strategy is designed to produce consistent content between consumer and brand while standing out from the competition.

Brand content takes into account the value of the brand, the relevance of the content and the quality of the product. They take priority over the product. This approach differs from traditional advertising and promotes the link generated with the target. She refrains from the approach too touting to seduce and build loyalty.

The steps to achieve a good brand content strategy

Set goals

Brand content is king in the world of digitalization and must make it possible to stand out from the competition by defining the objectives to reach the target. The company must work with all its employees to create content related to its needs, its graphic charter and its editorial line. This internal communication can take the form of brainstorming and makes it possible to harmonize the editorial line with the values ​​of the company, its graphic charter and its needs. This is an opportunity for the company’s employees to produce more relevant and adapted content. A virtuous synergy is created with the target audience.

What tone should you adopt for brand content?

We talked about M & M’s and its purposely funny tone. Dove prefers a more professional style with an emphasis on psychology. Candia chooses an expert neutral tone. Leroy Merlin, meanwhile, imagined a young couple to animate his blog and his frequently asked questions. He buys his first home. Everything has to be done and he starts renovating.

To define the tone to adopt, you have to know your personae upstream . These invented characters representing the target customer are defined as closely as possible. Who are they ? What do they do in life ? What are their opinions and social positions? What are their tastes and habits? What professions do they exercise? What is their buying process? The more we give substance to this typical audience, the more the content will be adapted and relevant to their expectations.

How to set an editorial calendar?

Once you’ve determined the ideal audience, you need to create an editorial calendar to regularly post content marketing . The subjects to be discussed and the projects are defined. To facilitate this work, you can use tools like Google Sheet. We refine by deciding on the media, without forgetting that the tone used on Facebook is different from that of a blog or a Twitter account.

As with the traditional press, there are chestnut trees. These essential subjects (Christmas, New Year, back to school, etc.) must be the subject of appropriate posts and publications. In addition, there is the list of product launches, conferences, professional events and trade fairs in which the company participates. Finally, we draw up the list of subjects relating to the company’s area of ​​expertise and the articles to be covered, linking them to other content disseminated to echo.

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How to adapt your brand content strategy to the support?

We saw previously that the tone and style closely depended on the values ​​of the brand and the target. To personalize content, certain techniques have been proven. A professional and entertaining tone has more impact. We must not lose sight of the time that a reader devotes to the chosen medium. On Youtube,a 2 minute video seems like a good average . Likewise on Facebook, a post with a photo is more likely to be read. On Instagram, consider inserting an emoticon. Content should not be linear. It is always necessary to retain the attention by integrating images, an infographic, relevant keywords.

The brand content is working over time . It requires spending a budget to acquire fans in order to expand its community and increase its visibility. As we go, new perspectives open up and we become familiar with the media. Brand content, like any communication strategy, is not set in stone. It evolves with the public, but must remain faithful to the values ​​of the company.



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