Built-in Kohl Wipeout automatic window cleaner

Built-in Kohl Wipeout automatic window cleaner

Magnetic cleaners can also be used to clean dishes, aquariums, playgrounds, patio doors, jars or tables. The set includes 2 small cleaning brushes and 3 glass cleaning brushes, an adequate name that is affordable. For ease of use and replacement time. You can clean unused areas individually with different colored brushes to prevent re-damage.

Two pieces of cloth together are good for cleaning slippery roads. The fabric is versatile and can remove dust and dirt quickly and easily. 2 to 1 brush and shovel. The compact size and light weight make it suitable for daily cleaning. Remove dirt. Ideal for cleaning reeds and windows, pianos and corners.

[High quality and durable] These useful cleaning brushes are made of high quality PP material, good quality ergonomic design, PP bristles, and brush head material design, long, flexible and durable. Good skills, can be used for a long time.

Window brushes can be used on windows, keyboards, glass doors, corner boxes or other problem areas. You can also clean corner house doors, sliding doors and shower doors easily and quickly. These small brushes are perfect for removing oil and dirt from cracked windows, curtains and more.

If you have any questions about this product, you can contact us by email and we will reply within 24 hours. If your purchase is due to a good fault, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee or you can request a “new delivery”. “Easy. And easy with little effort. Dries quickly.”

Strip Gloss: Ideal for Rengøring Erhverv all types of glass and mirrors, including windows, doors, car interiors, glass counters, bathrooms and more.

For internal or external use:

Ideal for home and garden use including storage areas, sheds, external windows, double doors and more.

Perfect Protection: Specially formulated to remove stains and clear glass, restoring original shine and clarity.

500ml Spray Easy to use: wipe, wipe with a clean cloth or kitchen towel and clean if necessary Quality: durable ABS plastic, boron steel with leather straps. It is efficient, stable, drop-resistant and durable. First measure the thickness of the blank glass, then choose the required thickness of fiberglass.

High absorption capacity: Suitable for single windows with a thickness of 18-30mm.

Current Status:.

Stay in a clean room with simultaneous access inside and outside of Winduspudsar thanks to the magnetic design. Please check the thickness of the window before purchasing. Measure the full width of the window frame, the outside and inside width of the window. Effective window panel thickness = Total sash thickness – Exterior sash thickness – Interior window thickness.

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