Business Sectors That Need White Glove Logistics Services

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Business Sectors That Need White Glove Logistics Services

You may already be conversant with white glove logistics; a speclalised service for the transportation, positioning, installing and configuring technical equipment at its final destination, yet you might not know about the various business sectors that require such services.

Here is a list of some of the industries that rely on white glove logistics.

  • Banking & Finance – The white glove team installs ATMs and other digital banking equipment, which involves transporting the equipment, installing it and then setting it up to go online, ready for service. A bank would typically have an ongoing contract with a firm like Rhenus High Tech, who happen to be one of the leaders in UK white glove logistics work, with teams that are bank-approved to work on the equipment and carry out repairs.
  • Health & Fitness – You have likely seen the many fitness and gym centres opening up all over the UK, and the hi-tech fitness equipment is transported and installed by industry experts. When they fit out a new gym, they handle all aspects of the equipment installation and can even teach the staff how to manage the online system. The huge MRI and CAT scanners are extremely delicate and it is quite a challenge to manoeuvre one into the tight space it is intended to go, then the equipment must be secured and connected to mains power before it is tested and configured.
  • Retail – If a nationwide chain of retail outlets wishes to upgrade its tills, for example, they would commission a white gloves logistics provider to carry out the operation. They might be introducing touch screen information boards, which are also the domain of the white glove technician. All digital signage requires specialist installation, as do vending and gaming machines and the white glove team are experts at installing such equipment. Click here for tips to start your own online business, which is now easier than ever,
  • Access Control – The automatic access barriers found at train and bus stations are installed by white glove teams, as are the access control systems at stadiums and arenas; any location where access control is required, the team can plan the transportation and installation in advance. In case of repairs, the same company would be called in, as their technicians are very familiar with the equipment.
  • Printing & Imaging – The state-of-the-art laser colour printers require specialised installation, as does high-quality imaging devices, which are very expensive and delicate. A large company would contract a white glove provider to service and replace office printers, scanners and photocopiers. One team would have a fully equipped mobile unit and would collect the equipment in the morning and install it at the end location.
  • Robotics – This is a booming sector and one that relies heavily on white glove solutions; large and bulky robots must be very carefully manoeuvred into position and damage can easily occur, which is why the specialists are needed. Click here for UK government information on robotics and artificial intelligence.

The white glove logistics sector is most definitely the future and as new and innovative equipment is rolled out, the white glove technician is ready to take over at the final mile stage and finish the installation.


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