Businesses Need to Master these 3 Design Factors to Start their E-commerce Portal

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Businesses Need to Master these 3 Design Factors to Start their E-commerce Portal

E-Commerce businesses are on the rise. There wasn’t any doubt about this, but due to the current economic situation worldwide, setting up an E-commerce business is much more viable than putting up a physical one. But the requirement for E-commerce portals is a great design, layout, and apt content that can get the attention of the visitors within a few seconds. Yes, that’s what every website has, a few seconds to impress their visitors, or else, the chance goes begging.

Businesses can make sure when they are setting up a business in a big city like Dubai to emphasize on the web design aspect more than anything else. Through great design, they can start their business and come up with a solid plan in this concern. But apart from the landing page design and then making your home page/subpages beautiful, what else you need?

To start off the process, businesses need to concentrate on several factors that can automatically make their design stand apart. The following three aspects are what every company needs to go through before they think of officially launching its online portal.

  1. Research More

Research is the basis for finding any information, and for businesses looking to establish themselves in the marketplace, nothing is more important. And when it comes to design, finding the right fit for your particular business can be difficult. If you don’t know how to research concerning your product and competitors with respect to design, you need to consult a web design Dubai agency that can offer you good support.

So exactly where do you have to start? First of all, you need to think about the industry in which you are trying to establish your business. If it is related to the technology, for example, you need to check out all the famous and top technology websites offering tech gadgets and other products to their customers. In this way, you will have a good idea about the design and layout of all those websites so that you can also start well.

After that, you need to look at how search companies market their product through web design. It is all about getting the attention of your visitors in the first few seconds in bed design is the most important aspect here, but you don’t need to go overboard with your design. Anything that can get the attention of your visitors will do the trick. This can be a picture of your product prominently displayed in the middle of the page, a short 20-second video describing the features of it, or a nice CTA, compelling your customers to take action.

For everything related to the last three aspects mentioned in the previous paragraph, you need to do thorough research so that you are able to apply what’s needed here. Without research, you will be practically handicapped as you won’t know exactly which feature to go for and what can make your website tick concerning your target market.

  1. Use of Various Software and Tools

After the first step, when you are sure about which design you need to apply and other respects like the content and the CTA, you then need to think about the right tools and software to carry out the necessary work. There is a common notion among most of us that we need to use the latest tools and software so that we can create a great design. This is not entirely correct. Let me clarify this aspect a bit further.

If you are trying to use the latest version of Photoshop, for example, to edit some pictures, you need to know the basics of the software. It doesn’t matter which version you are using, it can be a 2-year-old version, but if you are fully capable of using it to your advantage, then there is no need to use the latest one. And if you don’t have the latest software, it will cost you a handsome amount. So, think about this aspect before getting the latest version of any software.

There are dozens of software and tools available to edit a picture, video, animation, etc. So, would you install all of them or even half of them? Not really. For a simple website consisting of 8 to 10 product pages and all the other pages which are usually required, you need a maximum of 4-5 software to complete the task. All the others are required for a special purpose. So, think about it before buying dozens of software.

  1. The Requirement for an App

This final factor can be really important for some businesses and especially for any commerce portal. Nowadays, more than half of the people using the internet for shopping use a smartphone or any of the handheld devices for this purpose. While everyone can use your website to shop for a product, we all are now accustomed to using an app rather than browsing through a website as we find it much easier.

If you think that you need an app for your product or the whole business, there are several features that you need to incorporate in the app. First of all, it is not easy to get a customized app for a business right from scratch. The app development process is different from that of website design and development. Right from thinking about the design of the app to the final stages of development, things can be really difficult to understand for a layman.

There are chances that you are master of every aspect related to online business and website development, but when it comes to an app, you don’t know much about it. In this situation, the assistance from one of the top app developers in Dubai and consultation from them can offer you good results. A seasoned app developer knows his job well and can provide you with good support when it comes to the design and development of an app for an upcoming online shopping portal.

Final Word

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