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Buying vs Renting a Router

If you are an internet user through the cable internet it is favourable that you rent/own a router. So, as it seems that renting is quite feasible as it starts from you paying $100 and with each passing month you can save up to $12 as long as the device stays in your use or it works.

Well, the second option could be that you own a router which not considered a very good option keeping in mind your financial interests.

It is opinionated that maybe owing a router may cost you a lot of money and unless you’re a tech-savvy person it will be quite difficult for you to handle it for a long time. On the other hand, you need to choose the right router whether you own or rent a router. I suggest you choose from top companies. I think this comparison guide between netgear vs tp link routers will help you choose the right one.

Below we have highlighted all the pros and cons of both the option that you might consider.


If you rent a Router: 

The benefits of renting a Router:

Firstly, if you are bad with technical work then renting a router is your clear choice as you do not need to worry about any of the technical issues that you might face as the ISP is there to help you out in any of the problems. More on, easy replacement options are also available in case your router is out of date or it not working at all.

It also eases down your compatibility issues as you will be provided the hardware by the ISP’s which will be completely compatible. This means that if you opt for renting a router you will be left completely satisfied with your internet connection and with technical help always at your disposal to help you out with any difficulty you might face. One of the main advantages of owning or renting is that you will have smooth streaming. It’s great if you switched from cable tv & are using its alternatives.


The drawbacks of renting a Router:

On the other hand, there are also some drawbacks that you might need to consider before renting a router for your internet connection. The routers for renting are of a quite low quality which can break easily or might cause damages and faults repeatedly. As we talked about the financial interest so, in the long run, the option for renting a router may become more expensive for you. Also, you are not sure about the rental prices they may change from time to time, and in that condition, you can do nothing but to pay your rents.


If you own a Router:

Benefits of owning a Router:

If you opt for buying or owning a router I may seem like spending a lot but it is also saving a lot of your money in disguise, which includes that you do not have to worry about time technical faults as it will not be a cheap one. More on, you can choose your router and it sure will be the best one. This also includes that when you decide to switch your ISP’s you will not need to change your existing setup rather you will just need to change your plugs and there is your whole new setup.

Drawbacks of owning a Router: 

In contrast, owning a router may be seemed expensive as you may not be able to afford it at once. More on it also will not be very helpful in tech support as ISP’s do not support custom setup so you are doomed here. The installation may also be a problem if you do not understand the technicalities of the router.




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