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Buying Xiaomi Phones, Is It Worth?

1. History

Xiaomi is a chinese smartphone company created in 2010. The company is run by Lei Jun who is  the CEO and the co-founder of Xiaomi. Xiaomi has 16,700 employees worldwide. It is expanding to other markets including Greater China, Japan, Russia, South Korea, South Africa and most countries and regions in Southeast Asia and Western Europe. According to Forbes magazine, Lei Jun, the founder and CEO, has an estimated net worth of US$12.5 billion. Xiaomi is the world’s 4th most valuable technology start-up after receiving US$1.1 billion funding from investors, making Xiaomi’s valuation more than US$46 billion.


The first device created by the new company was called Xiaomi Mi 1. The device had a slick design with a good hardware, and a very low price. It sold very well in Asia and East Asia markets making way for the second model called Xiaomi Mi 2 and all other models after that. Xiaomi became so succesfull with their products, that they started making other electronics as well.


We can buy smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, bags even shoes all made by Xiaomi. Thanks to the great selling strategy Xiaomi is on the 4th place on the market just after Apple, Samsung and Huawei.


2. Strategy

The main reason why Xiaomi is one of the best known smartphone companies right now is a genius selling strategy that they created to sell their products.


Most Xiaomi smartphones have great hardware connected with good looks as well as their own system called MIUI based on Android. The most known models include Xiaomi Mi 1, Xiaomi Redmi Note, Xiaomi Mi MIx. The company even owns a gaming phone called Black shark which comes with a separate controller, to make gaming easier.


The strategy is very simple, but perfect at the same time. Xiaomi smartphones can be compared to the the best Samsung or Apple devices, sometimes are even better than the competion. However the differnce comes with the price. Most Xiaomi products cost a lot less than Samsung or Huawei but offer the same joy of using the device. Xioami smartphones are so popular, than even today people import the smartphones on their own and use custom translations to use the device in their country.


Even though Xiaomi products are way cheaper than Samsung products, we understand that not everyone can afford to buy a brand new smartphone. Many people will buy a used device which is perfectly fine. Xiaomi products are well build and have a great support coming from Xiaomi itself so there are no real dangers when you buy a used device. Howver there are a couple of things to remember when you search for a used Xiaomi.


3. How To Buy A Used Xiaomi Device.

Even Xiaomi is cheaper than Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy models its good strategy to buy an used Xiaomi phone. Xiaomi devices are more durable and more robust than their cheaper Chinese counterparts. Therefore, before buying a new Xiaomi phone, it is worth checking local websites with used electronics. There you can find many interesting offers at low prices.


Remember to check the offer carefully before buying a used Xiaomi phone. Make sure the seller has the original packaging and any additional accessories, charger, etc. It is worth verifying whether the box comes from a model put up for sale. The IMEI number on your phone should match the IMEI number on the packaging. If it is not the same, it means that someone is trying to deceive us. Such an offer should be rejected.


First and the most important thing you want to do is to check the history of your model. All you need is the IMEI number from the device and a free Xiaomi IMEI checker service. To find the IMEI number on any smartphone, you can use this short sequence *#06# and enter it just like a phone number. The IMEI number can also be checked in the phone settings in the About section.


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If for any reason you cannot get the IMEI number you can use the FSN number.  To get the FSN number on Xiaomi you need to press the padlock icon 10 times, after that the FSN number will appear on the screen.


Ok so now you have the IMEI number or the FSN, the only thing left to do is to enter it on Xiaomi IMEI checker and wait for the result. The result will include: network and country from which the device comes from, purchase date, system version on your device, warranty information, second IMEI or FSN number, Xiaomi activation status.


Second thing is to check if the seller knows all logins and passwords used for this Xiaomi device. The security blockade doesn’t allow other people to gain access to your smartphone.

Xiaomi can be secured either by a pattern or a PIN. In any case make sure that this blockade is removed before you buy the device. If the blockade is still active and you don’t know the unlocking information, you won’t be able to use the device in any way.


Remember to arrange in a place where there are many people during a direct purchase. Shopping mall, restaurant or a similar place. Be safe and watch out for security measures related to the spread of coronavirus.


4. Final thoughts

We strongly advice everyone to check all Xiaomi products, if you are tired of using the same smartphones coming from Samsung, Huawei or even Apple, it would be a good option to check Xiaomi. You will pay way less, but you will have a great time with the new smartphone, we can guarantee it. Xiaomi phones have great parameters at a reasonable price. You will usually need to pay around 50 to 100 USD more for a similar phone from competitors. It’s definitely worth looking through the offer of this Chinese

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