Calling A Mold Remediation Expert Before Buying A Home

Calling A Mold Remediation Expert Before Buying A Home

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Don’t fool yourself. Even small amounts of water can cause big problems. Once the moisture touches your walls, the drywall soaks the moisture in like a sponge. Inside the wall, insulation and studs get wet. This dark, humid area happens to be a perfect breeding ground for mold growth that can contribute to health problems, termite infestation and other water damage related problems. The moisture problem won’t just go away on it’s own.

As tempted as you may feel to test your home and treat it for the presence of harmful substances, it is best if you leave the job up to a professional mold remediation company. It doesn’t matter where you live: there are many different reasons why you may need to have your home serviced. Flooding, backed up sewers, broken pipes and leaks can all cause problems inside of your home. Some of the problems that can develop are not always noticeable at first. In fact, many people do not become aware that they have a problem with mold until someone inside of the home suddenly develops mysterious respiratory distress symptoms. Even after a change in health is noticed, some people still don’t start to suspect there is a problem until things have gotten worse.

Further appreciate those warm sunny days by opening up and airing out your home. Hang or lay clothing, boots and rugs that are often damp or wet out in the sunshine to thoroughly dry.

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If the inspection calls for it, you’ll want to hire a professional company to clean up the mold (this is also referred to as mold remediation). Make sure that the company has referrals, as well as any required licenses or certifications. Check with friends and family for referrals. Make sure that the company you hire offers some sort of guarantee, in case the problem shows up again.

No, you should never scrub the mold with anything because this can just release mold spores into the air and people can breathe these in; it will also spread the mold elsewhere. It is usually advised that you soak the area for at least fifteen minutes. There is also some debate as to the usefulness of bleach because many people are now claiming that it doesn’t completely eradicate the problem. You may want to buy a solution that has been especially created for dealing with mold.

A crew from Preferred Restoration arrived to first mop up the standing water. They then set up fans and dehumidifiers the size of small cars to slowly pull the moisture out of all of the woodwork. Those machines ran for nearly a week, before tests indicated the wood was dry enough to be treated.

Once the moisture is removed, you must completely clean and get rid of the mold. You can wash hard surfaces to remove the mold. Use a good detergent and water to scrub it away. This method works good to clean mold from basement walls. Some materials, such as carpet or ceiling tiles, are impossible to clean. The only way to get rid of the mold is to remove these items from the home. Most people are capable of removing the small amount of mold in their own homes.

Fix it quick-Put to rest any possibilities that can be a trigger factor. So pick that phone and call the repairman if you find a leakage in the plumbing, improper ventilation, clogs, roof or ceiling leaks, minor cracks and the like.

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