Car Repair Services Checklist

Car Repair Services Checklist

If you own a car, you need to realise that you need to spend money on its repair and maintenance. Read about “Car Repair Services Checklist”


If you own a car, you need to realise that you will need to spend money on its repair and maintenance. After all, a car is like any other machine. To avoid spending too much money on repairs, we have developed a car repair services checklist. All you need to do is make sure that these parts are correctly maintained. Before starting with our list, let us quickly review what you should keep an eye on when selecting a car repair shop in UAE or anywhere.

Checklist for Selecting a Car Repair Shop

Here’s what you need to know when finalising an automobile repair shop:

  • Reputation

Check the online reviews of the workshop. It will tell you a lot about its customer service and work quality.

  • Pricing

Ask about the pricing and compare it with quotes from other workshops. If there is a significant difference in the rates, you will know which workshop is trustable.

  • Workers

Before finalising the service, it is always good to talk to the workers. It will give you an idea about what to expect from them. Asking about their credentials is another way of getting to know about the work quality.

  • Timing

The last thing that you should keep an eye on is the time to complete the work. If a workshop takes too much time, it means that you will be without a car during that time. You will need to spend on Uber, Careem, taxi, or other transport. Therefore, consider that into the final cost.

Now, let us get back to our topic.

Car Repair Services Checklist

Oil & Coolant Levels

Before any trip, check the oil and coolant levels. If you drive around with low oil and coolant levels, it can lead to costly problems with the engine. Therefore, ensure that they are at the recommended level.

Air Filter

It is what keeps unwanted particles away from the engine. Over time, it can get clogged and requires changing. Make sure that you change your air filter regularly to improve fuel efficiency and engine durability.


They are one of the most vital components of a vehicle. So, keep an eye on the tread depth. If they are nearing the minimum legal limit, it is time to opt for new tires. If you need new tires in UAE, PitStopArabia is a leading tire retailer in UAE. Other than the tread depth, make sure that the tire pressure is at the recommended level. Over or underinflation can lead to tyre burst and a reduction in their lifespan.

Spark Plugs

They are what power the engine by igniting the gas and air mixture. Faulty spark plugs can prevent the engine from running correctly. While you can repair spark plugs, it is better to replace them with new ones. They aren’t costly either.

Car Battery

Another car part that you should keep your eye on the car battery. It is effectively what powers the entire vehicle. If you fail to maintain it, you will need to opt for a repair or complete replacement.

Wrap Up

For other vehicle parts, follow the schedule that is mentioned in the car owner’s manual. It will let you know when to replace each part or get it serviced. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to us. Our experts will get back to you promptly.

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