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Is there anything simpler than drying and styling after showering? It may sound simple, but it turns out that this process has its tricks, too. Things just like the separation between hair dryer & hair, the temperature, and indeed course of discussing stream are imperative.

Bright Side has dived into the science of drying hair and has come up with the most common mistakes that you can keep repeating and stop repeating after reading this article.

Choosing an incorrect airflow direction

Blow-dry your hair from root to tip in the direction of hair growth. Otherwise, the scales that form the cuticle will split open, causing hair to fall out and making it easier to tangle. If you blow-dry your hair from root to tip, on the other hand, the scales will blend in and give your hair a natural shine.

Holding the blow-dryer incorrectly

Holding a Consumer Reports Hair Dryer in your dominant hand feels quite natural, a lot of people do. But that’s wrong because you need the strength and dexterity of that hand to style and distribute strands of hair. This will help you have more control over the process, work more efficiently with the comb, and put less effort into the whole.

Blow-drying hair with hot air only

Almost all hair dryers have a cooling airflow mode and this is not a manufacturer’s fault. Switch the button to cool mode to correct the results of your style. Cold air slows the evaporation of moisture, which means that curls will last longer. By the way, this is a good preventative method for the occurrence of split ends.

Pulling the hair downward

Brushing and blowing off the hair while blow-drying removes any volume potential. Instead, raise your hand, grasp the ends of your hair with a comb, and direct the flow of hot air into the strands. This will help you have a voluminous, “live” and sleek hairstyle.

Holding the blow-dryer too close to your head

Keeping the blow dryer close to your head not only makes your hair more brittle, it can also burn the skin on your head. 12 inches is the recommended distance between the dryer and your head. How can it be measured? Just keep the dryer away from your outstretched arm

Not sectioning the hair

Often times, we blow dry the entire strand of hair simply by flipping the hair dryer back and forth. The process is faster and more efficient if you divide the hair into 4-5 areas and secure each of them with duckbill pliers. Try to make two partitions: one vertical (from forehead to the neck) and one horizontal (from ear to ear).

Hair wrapped in a towel for too long

Do not towel dry your hair for more than 30 minutes with your hair dryer, especially if it is cotton. The particles of this fabric create friction effects and make the hair more vulnerable when it is then dried with a hair dryer. Go for a softer microfiber towel and don’t leave your hair wrapped for more than 10 minutes. An important nuance: Thick, dense hair should be half-dry before using a hairdryer, while fine or medium hair should be 80% dry.

Forgetting about thermal protection

This tip is extremely useful for those who use a hair dryer at least once a week or more frequently. Apply a heat protectant to your hair to protect it from possible damage when exposed to hot air. This type of product can be part of your washing routine or the one you put on after washing your hair and sticking to your hair. The primary bunch incorporates shampoos and conditioners with thermos protective properties, the moment bunch incorporates showers, creams, and oils. Choose a thermal protector suitable for your hair. Avoid alcohol-based products if you have dry hair. If you have oily or normal hair, don’t choose oil-based products.

Holding the blow-dryer in one position

This mistake seems obvious, but some people blow-dry their hair in the same position. In fact, the device must be in constant motion, changing its angle and turning its head. It will help you achieve clean, dry hair or a beautiful hairstyle much faster.

Drying hair at the maximum temperature

This is one of the biggest mistakes because it makes your hair too dry and more brittle. The maximum temperature speeds up the process a bit, so you should only adjust this temperature in rare cases, for example, if you have curls that are difficult to straighten or go for a complicated style. In all other cases, choose a medium temperature hair dryer.

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