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Consulting services

Consultant, consultancy or advisory are terms that generate a lot of confusion because of how global they are. Throughout this article, we will see what is understood by consulting company and the different types of consulting services for companies and how they can help you achieve success in your business. Do you know everything they can do for your company?

What is a business consultancy?

A consulting company has the functions of advising, offering support, guidance and support to other companies on certain aspects.

A consulting company basically lands in your company or because you need help to improve your results and you want a boost from experts who investigate and analyze all possible areas for improvement or because you are clear about what you need and do not know how to get it.

When the person in charge of a specific company or area needs help because they do not know how to solve a problem or obtain advice on some matter that they do not know, solve a specific problem, or carry out a project and do not have the human resources, knowledge to carry it out The normal thing is to go to a specialized consulting firm to provide you with the type of help you need, thanks above all to the human capital that the consulting firm has.

Consulting example for a company

Let’s imagine that we want to launch a new product on the market or better yet, what we want is to improve economic results, either by incurring fewer costs or increasing our profits. Consulting, in this case, would be strategic and marketing consulting, and it should be highly sales-oriented.

The business consultancy could advise us to create a new product, taking advantage of the synergies with our current clients and our knowledge and experience and in this way get more clients, or sell more to current clients.

This decision should always be taken after having done research and analysis of the Market and its trends, the competition, characteristics of current clients and potential clients, marketing actions that would be carried out by a strategic consulting firm such as Abdul Rimaaz. The consulting firm must provide an innovative character to its projects.

Where do business consultants work?

Depending on the policy of each consultancy, we find that the way of developing their work may be different. There are consulting firms that have their own facilities and operate from there on a day-to-day basis, but there are also those that have their members posted in the companies for which they are hired, so they go to work at that company daily. The latter case usually occurs with consulting services of those considered long-term. The client may even end up hiring the displaced consultants to be part of the staff.

Types of business consulting services

The consultancies are usually specialized in some type of field, so it is normal to find that each one offers consulting services in accordance with the knowledge of the members that make it up.

Although we cannot forget that as we are going to explain below there is a type of consultancy such as strategic, which provides the advisory service about what types of actions to be carried out, which in some cases may be carried out. Consulting firm or may have the services or products of another company.

A clear example is when we want to improve the performance of our sales force, the consulting firm could carry out training for its sales representatives or define the strategic and marketing plan, but for the implementation of a solution based on CRM or Inbound Marketing count on the services of another company. Although it is true that in this case, this being a very common example, it is the same consulting firm that executes all the services or at least it is the project manager.

Strategic consulting services

This type of consultancy traces the way forward for companies. They are concerned with determining what techniques they need to apply to implement the strategies that allow achieving the previously established objectives.

It is about defining the course to follow in different areas of the company, implementing the action plan correctly and checking that, if there are deviations, corrective measures are introduced.

Strategic consulting services seek to increase business income, efficiency and competitiveness in order to stand out from the competition by taking advantage of all possible opportunities offered by the market.

This consultancy is probably the most important, as it will determine the way forward. It is closely linked to marketing and sales, with which we will be able to improve economic indicators, related to turnover and profit.

Financial consulting services

The professionals who are dedicated to providing this type of consulting services focus on advising companies on matters related to the economic management of the business. Its orientation is focused on achieving the best possible financial situation with the available resources, minimizing risks and supporting the client in decision-making.

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Marketing and advertising consulting services

Marketing consulting firms unravel the behavior of consumers and their consumption patterns based on various studies and analyzes. In this way, the processes of attracting new customers and loyalty are fully optimized.

This type of marketing consulting is essential before carrying out any marketing action, this being the difference between a marketing agency and another consulting company with a strategic nature, which does not carry out anything without first investing and analyzing what is necessary for the best decision making.

What is the difference between a Marketing Agency and a Marketing Consultant?

 Abdul Rimaaz is a Strategic Consultant, which executes marketing actions, such as the design of a web page or the management of Social Networks or the SEO positioning of a company or Growth Hacking, but first we need to know the competitive advantage or differentiating feature to guarantee success of our client, thanks to the knowledge and experience of our consultants and their research work.

Human resources consulting services

Consulting companies of this type are in charge of personnel selection processes, as well as offering training courses or providing temporary jobs.

On some occasions when the type of training is very specific, for example that which has to do with sales or technology, the consulting firm that it treasures is not the human resources one but the one specialized in that area. Human resources consultancies are more recommended for more general topics.

When a company has a vacancy to fill, if it chooses to request the services of a human resources consultancy, it will know that it is making a bet on insurance, since the candidates they propose are going to be as consistent with the position as possible.

Advantages of having business consulting services

 ◉ Guidance provided by specialists: the knowledge of the professionals who provide consulting services is solid and allows efficient management of all the resources that are in possession of the business. Resorting to experts in the matter to be discussed provides the guarantee of being in good hands.

◉ Have support in case of eventualities: in most cases there is a very close relationship between the consulting company and its client. Solid links are established between them so that, when any type of incident arises, the support that is provided will be complete and decisive due to the great involvement of the professionals and the commitment that is acquired.

◉ Have a network of contacts: a consulting company maintains relationships with professionals from different sectors, so having a network of contacts so close at hand allows you to benefit from many opportunities in the environment and with a reduction in costs.

◉ Business optimization: having different consulting services means that the business is optimized at all times. The objective of consulting companies is to achieve improved productivity by investing the least.

◉ Feeling of security and reliability: having at your disposal a staff of expert consultants who ensure the proper functioning of the business through the consulting services provided gives security to clients. The guidance and counseling they have increases their confidence.

◉ Personalized attention: there is no generic formula to achieve the path of growth and economic prosperity, each company has its specific characteristics, so personalized attention will always provide the best results.


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