Impact of Coronavirus on e-Commerce Deliveries

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Impact of Coronavirus on e-Commerce Deliveries

Coronavirus is spreading without any interruption and there is no corner of the world that has been untouched. Be it humans, markets, or any industry, everything has been brought to a standstill. Many countries are following complete lockdown due to which non-essential services have been closed until selected dates.

This pandemic has adversely affected the e-commerce businesses and deliveries all around the world. Major e-commerce businesses are still supplying essential items but are facing substantial repercussions and challenges. Delivering orders to customers while maintaining a healthy relationship with clients has become a laborious task. 

Lockdowns have gravely impacted the delivery system as the orders are delayed until further notice. There are also many companies that have put a halt at delivering the orders as there have been issues related to transportation, protection of delivery executives, and other staff.  For example, if one wanted to hire a Magento developer in this scenario, they would have to conduct a thorough research about his/her skills also focusing on their medical history.

Another major consequence of lockdown due to coronavirus is the disbalance between the supply chain and stock levels. Businesses that outsource their manufactured products in various countries, as well as those that are importing, are highly affected. 

How the coronavirus affects your e-commerce business

Increase In Online Sales

With all the dreadful scenarios occurring all over the world, online shopping websites have seen an increase in their sales. There are many countries that have imposed a total lockdown which means that people would not be allowed to open shops until they are listed in the essentials category.

To aid them, there are websites that are working vigorously, and although they are not permitted to ship everything they are delivering the basic necessities and some electronic items to the needy. People are anxious to step out of their houses, even to buy essentials that led the eCommerce websites for groceries to achieve a boost in their business. 

The websites are being used extensively which has caused their owners to earn a high amount of profit. The lockdown has presented them with an opportunity and they will try their level best to make the most out of it. They are trying to make the deliveries as quickly as possible in order to increase their efficiency. Many are utilizing these services and hence it is necessary to be quick.

Most of the people are patiently waiting for their orders, but it is expected that not everyone would showcase this quality. There are some who might get frustrated which is what they want to avoid, as it could cause them to lose a customer which in this scenario could mean a permanent loss. 

Taking Care Of Safety While Delivering

There are a lot of risks pertaining to the deliveries as anyone could be infected by the virus.  It is important that the delivery executives, as well as the packaging department, take all the necessary precautions. It is important for their own safety as well as the people who will be receiving those products. If an employee from the shipping center is infected then there are chances that the whole lot who would receive the products could get infected too.

The virus is potent enough to stay alive on these packages for a good amount of time and thus it is important to sanitize everything, to wear gloves, to clean and change them every few hours, and most importantly not to come in contact with anyone. Sick employees should be granted a leave without having their wages deducted as this is the time to display humanity and not be selfish. 

It is important that they all take important and needed measures like providing the delivery agents with proper attire with extra layers of packaging to decrease the probability of contracting the deadly virus. Sanitizers are to be provided to all the delivery agents so as to sanitize themselves after every delivery. Without implementing proper safety, it would lead one to deal with catastrophic scenarios. The owners of the websites might gain profit initially but aftereffects might cause a shutdown of the online business too. It is vital that they take the needed measures to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. 

Delivery in remote areas as well as career operations 

There are certain areas in most countries where e-commerce businesses are not able to deliver their goods or are facing a delay in delivering the given products due to remote geographical location, distance from major cities, and transportation problems. While on the other hand, many companies are offering last-mile delivery amidst the coronavirus crisis. 

As far as carrier operations are concerned, though most of the places are following lockdown, carrier operators are trying their level best to continue the services like pick-ups and deliveries. Some areas are completely sealed as restricted by the government due to which delivery services are not possible.

The logistics and transport sector is also suffering greatly due to coronavirus. Different carrier operations are facing different issues regarding restrictions and deliveries. The non-uniformity in the delivery of the goods has become an obstacle for both the customers and the companies. E-commerce companies are starting to lack raw materials due to less transportation which is severely disrupting the supply chain. 


Industries are facing a tough time in the current scenario. Markets that are based online which majorly consist of e-commerce services are facing the toughest time. Companies can take proper measures to control this damage and provide goods to a broad level of the audience. By collaborating with offline retailers and working together sales can be increased to a significant level. Also, continuous communication and advertisement will make the people know which services are open which will eventually result in increased sales. 

It is in times like this that it is important to have a skillful developer, for instance, if Magento is to be used, it would be essential to hire a Magento developer so that the website does not crash due to heavy traffic. Flexibility in delivery, providing offers, and discounts might help to gain a large audience for present and future deliveries.

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