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It won’t be wrong to pass a statement that the coronavirus has affected almost every business all around the globe. This pandemic has been the reason for various losses in almost every field.

The virus started in China and became the reason for many manufacturers and factories in the country to close their trades.

In order to prevent the spread of this deadly disease, there have been shipping delays and importation issues. All of this has been a major issue for the global market. Everyone is taking care of it as no one wants this to spread more panic among masses than there is already. This virus is the reason for the shortage of mobile phone parts and has affected the supply chain for phones as well as other consumer technology. It is an unfortunate reality that China is responsible for most of the world’s consumer technology or they rely on parts that are made there. According to research, they are the world’s largest producer of mobile phones, TV’s, computers, and other tech sent to overseas buyers.

When coronavirus emerged, the whole world saw China go into lockdown. As every Chinese was quarantined in their houses, businesses and factories were shut down.

Because of the 6 weeks of lockdown, all of the businesses, factories, and manufacturers of phone parts were shut down. The global supply chain of mobile phone parts was greatly affected by it. Australia is currently facing shipping delays and you can see how this is affecting the everyday consumer who needs to get their mobile phone repaired.

Shortages of parts and Cell Phone Repair Shops

Not only are the supply chains of Apple and other phone parts manufacturers being affected but local cell phone repair shops are also feeling the strain. This means that the problems with the supply chain, it is much harder for the local repair shops to simply order the parts they need to make mobile phone repairs. With this, common issues such as replacing mobile phone screens or batteries, etc. become strenuous.

Some repair stores might need to diminish their opening hours with limited access to parts needed to make repairs. This will be a disrespect to the customers if the staff has to turn away customers due to lacking the parts needed to fix their mobile phone.

What will happen in the future?

For China, it seems that the worst of the coronavirus outbreak is over. Almost all the stores, factories, and manufacturers are re-opening. The lockdown of almost six weeks had a great impact on the supply of mobile phone parts with a lot of product orders now backlogged. it is also a basic concern for the countries to decide whether to allow products into the country or not.

Many countries have been taking measures against it. For example, Australia Post currently has a notification on its website warning of disruptions to flight and postal services due to the coronavirus. This includes parts being released out of China, as well as being allowed into Australia.

This was done to control the panic of spreading the virus through goods and products including phone parts coming through. The Australian customs did a responsible job and sent those packages back to China. This also includes other countries currently deemed high risk. It is clear that the future of the global supply chain for mobile phone parts is at risk but Australia Post has stated that they did what they had to. If these measures would not have been taken at the right time the conditions would have been worse.

Mobile Phone Repairs

With rumors of social isolation on people all around the globe, it is very important to have a working phone to keep in contact with others through this tough time in our society and economy.

This is a big deal for people whose lives and trades revolve around phones and laptops. They can need help with tech products, anytime. Find your best service providers online.


These are high times that require you to find some reliable service providers or helpers that can guide you over the emails or mobile phones, ensuring social distancing. Start browsing the internet today and ensure social distancing. Play your best part as the individuals of this society to get rid of this virus as soon as possible.

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