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Almost all parts of the iPhone can be replaced. The iPhone is designed to be non-disposable as most people suggest every time it gets mild damage. Instead of just throwing it out and buying a new one, why not try to make a difference and replace your parts? Two things to consider.

First, instead of buying a new device, go to an authorized iPhones service center and have your device inspected for damage. Saves you a lot of money.

Secondly, he made a great effort to save the already sick planet we have. A large amount of natural resources are used to manufacture electronic devices. If you continue to buy new things to replace the old ones, the manufacturer will continue to produce units or products to meet the high demand.

IPhone screen parts allow you to replace your touch-sensitive digitizer glass, LCD screen from Cellular Screens, and LCD front cover. There is also a replaceable ultra-clear screen protector and screen protector.

The frame and middle section can also be replaced on iPhone and iPod. If your battery pack reaches its full capacity, there is a 1600 mAh high capacity with replacement of high capacity external battery for you.

If you move on, you can also replace the headphone audio jack, the original SIM card replacement tray, the camera replacement, and the home button replacement. In addition to replacing the home button, the flex cable for the home button is also vulnerable to damage, making it one of the iPod and iPhone parts to be replaced.

The iPhone has a vibration mode. But unfortunately, the switch and the motor responsible for vibrating your iPhone are not perfect. The good thing, though, is that it can be replaced.

Vibrate Mute Switch comes in different colors. It can also replace the replacement of the vibrator module. The power button and volume knob are also available for replacement.

Both iPhone and iTouch Stylus are available in silver and black. Self-adhesive tapes do not seem important to some, but they are. In addition to iPhone and iPod, your accessories may also include replaceable parts.

These include iPhone OEM USB Sync and Charging Data Cable, Line Out Docking Station Sync and Charger and Replacement Charging Port with Speaker, Microphone and Antenna.

The USB charging port comes with a pre-installed microphone, a buzzer speaker and a flexible antenna cable. This pre-installed assembly is designed to make the installation process for replacing USB dock connectors quick and easy.

In rare cases, the charging port for the flex cable dock connector will also require replacement. The iPhone and iPod parts are manufactured by the same manufacturer as the device or its other authorized manufacturers. Therefore, you can guarantee the good quality.

Most iPhone parts sold online come with a repair kit if you want to replace the damaged part yourself. You can also make an appointment with your technician and visit their service centers.

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