Different Types of Astrology


Different Types of Astrology

Meta Description: Different types of astrology give you answers on different aspects of life. Know them and use the best astrology app to select the one that best answers your questions.

Astrology is a vast, deep ocean. The deeper you go into it, you find there is much more to learn from it. The position of the celestial bodies and the planetary movements greatly influence your life. You can know how exactly your life will take its course through astrology. You can use it to foresee events and catastrophes, know your strengths, weaknesses, attitude towards various issues, and many more things.

You can take the help of the best astrology app to minimise the risks and negative aspects, utilise the strengths, use the favourable periods optimally and avoid doing anything significant during the unfavourable time.

You will be surprised to know that there are different types of astrology. Once you know the different types, select the one you think is right for you. Know the most commonly used astrology types that can answer your various queries. 

Modern Astrology

Modern and traditional astrology are the two main types seen in western astrology. Modern astrology focuses on the psychology of people. It concentrates on a person’s thoughts and feelings, both conscious and unconscious. Therefore, it is very optimistic and sees chances for self–improvement and growth every time.

Here, it is believed that one planet rules over one zodiac sign. For example, Venus rules over Taurus, and Pluto rules over Scorpio. The Placidus house system calculates birth charts in which two zodiac signs can occupy the same astrological house.

Traditional Astrology

Traditional astrology believes that things are destined to happen in our lives, unlike modern astrology, which assumes that an individual’s free will can shape things for that person. It strongly believes in fate.

Greek and Roman astrology come under this traditional astrology practised even today. Here, every astrological house is ruled by one specific zodiac sign. The zodiac signs cannot be governed by generational planets like Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.


Vedic Astrology

It is also called Sidereal astrology or Hindu astrology. It is a form of Indian astrology and a part of the Vedas that can be dated back thousands of years. It talks about karma, dharma and more of a soul’s journey. Vedic astrology uses the planetary positions, the sun, the moon, and the constellations, unlike western astrology, which uses the seasons. Like in western astrology, it also has twelve signs. You could be a Taurean in western astrology but a Capricorn in Vedic astrology. You can consult an online astrologer to know about marriages, businesses, and any aspect of everyday life using Vedic astrology.

Chinese Astrology

In western astrology, the zodiac calendar is divided into 12 parts in a year. In contrast, the year is one astrological season in Chinese astrology and follows the lunar calendar. It does not have zodiac signs like western astrology but is denoted by animals. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig are the different animals in an order that denotes the year of birth. As per the Chinese calendar, you will be born in the year of Monkey or Tiger and not in Taurus or Aries. Each animal has its unique characteristic. 


Horary Astrology


It is best suited when you want specific answers. It is said to give the questioner accurate answers. It considers the time and place when a question is asked and does not use the birth chart. Instead, it uses a horary chart that is specific for the time when the questions are asked. Though a little complex, it is known for giving quick answers.


Electional Astrology


This branch of astrology is used to select the best time to start a business, schedule a marriage, a surgery, an important event, or anything you expect to have a great bearing on your life. It is believed that everything involving it will be good and bear great results when you start anything at the right time. Here, you will tap your lucky time to start any endeavour and reap the best results.


Medical Astrology


This branch is very helpful in knowing an individual’s overall health and the necessary steps to take to maintain good health. As per astrology, each zodiac sign and planet rule over a part of the body and is associated with a specific disease. As per Vedic astrology, the planets and the birth signs are related to the chakras and our organs. Therefore, medical astrology can clearly state your mental, physical and emotional condition. It can also predict unseen problems if any. Hence, it is very helpful in maintaining and taking precautionary actions regarding health. 


Many other types of astrology, like relationship astrology, financial astrology, and locational astrology, are specific to certain aspects of life. Depending on your queries, select experts in the particular branches, get accurate answers and live the best possible life. 

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