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Marketing these days are divided into two different types, one is traditional and the other is digital. Since the world has taken a turn and everything is going digital, where do you expect to find all the people you are targeting for your business? Digital marketing is one of the most important things that any business requires today. It not only helps you reach out to your customers digitally but, also helps you improve your business and make sure to give you the success you are looking for.

Types of a Digital Marketing Company

There are many types of digital marketing companies in India and the one you want to choose completely depends on your budget. A digital marketing company might have all the services you need or based specifically on one service.

Let us have a look over these types and how they are different from one another.

  •     Inbound marketing company

A full-service digital marketing agency is an agency that has all the services combined in one firm. Usually, these types of firms are best for small businesses as they get everything under one roof. They provide services like PPC, SEO, SEM, Website development, Content marketing, Social media marketing. A digital marketing company like this not only provides you with basic digital marketing services but also, advertising, PR and some of the traditional marketing techniques to enhance the reach of your brand.

  •       A Digital Marketing firm

Next comes a digital marketing firm that is smaller than the inbound marketing company. They particularly won’t offer you PR, advertising or other traditional marketing services and their primary goal will be to focus on the digital space and its strategies. So, if you are in search of a digital marketing company that helps you reach your target audience in the digital space, then this one is going to be your perfect choice.

  •       SEO agency

As you can read from the name, this agency focuses, particularly on Search Engine Optimization related services. They will help you rank at the top of search engines like google with the help of tools like keyword research, Content creation, website auditing, Backlinking, assessing the quality of metadata, link building etc. So, if you have an eCommerce business, this type of agency can suit it well.

  •       PPC(Digital ad) Agency

Another technique-specific agency that will help you out with the digital ads you are wishing to spread out for a better and faster reach. It is a form of paid advertising but unlike traditional marketing techniques, this one is only for the digital space. So, if you wish to generate traffic to your website in a speedy way, then why not try a PPC agency. (Pay Per Click)

  •       Social media marketing agency

If you wish to focus specifically on social media, then this is just the right agency for you to choose from. They will monitor, analyse and produce regular content to help your business stand out. Social media is one of the most important platforms to market yourself if you are looking forward to increasing your reach and expanding your business. If you particularly hold social media businesses like on Instagram or Facebook, agencies specifically dealing with social media marketing can help you out without much expenditure from your budget.

  •       Website development agency

If you are in search of someone to design and develop your website, then this can be the right choice for you. The agency you choose might be interested in helping you out with the content marketing stuff also. If you are thinking your friend who is a website developer might help you out with things, you must know that this is not a one-time thing. Monitoring the website and optimizing it from time to time is one important role that you can’t forget.

  •       Digital marketing consultancy

There are times when you feel that a piece of advice from an outsider might help in your business. A digital marketing consultancy is exactly for that purpose. If you are wandering around looking for expert advice without letting him handle the insights of your business, then consulting from an individual who has vast knowledge about the subject can be a great profit to your business. You might be knowing the work but a little bit confused about the best strategy for your business. A marketing consultant will help you figure out the best strategy you can make your business better with!

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