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digital marketing levels to develop your business in 2020

The tools for implementing your digital marketing strategy are constantly evolving. Regular monitoring keeps you up to date with all of these new features. What are the digital trends that will make the year 2020? Let’s discover together the 7 levers of digital marketing not to be missed this year!

1. Search Engine Optimization, a constantly evolving visibility vector

Every day, more than 3.5 billion searches are carried out on the Google tool, stressing its crucial importance when defining its digital marketing strategy .

Positioning yourself well on Google is anything but simple, but proven methods exist. Good positioning will have a considerable impact on your business. 92% of Google users will see your business only if it is placed in the top 10 searches, which corresponds to the 1st page of the search engine! SEO is probably one of the most affordable and effective levers existing digital marketing today. If you use App development, it will only bring you customers actively looking for your product or service,

2. Voice search, 2020 trend

This research is notably boosted by the success of smart assistants such as Google Home and Alexa. More than 1/3 of research will be carried out by voice in 2020. Voice assistants have taken a significant place in our homes, which allows brands to have a new communication medium and as many potential micro- moments of interaction with their targets. There were almost 3.2 million users of voice-activated speakers in June 2019. Efforts to optimize voice search for your site will undoubtedly be widely rewarded and will impact the results of your digital marketing strategy.

3. The Chat bot, a key tool in customer relations

Chat bots will continue to shine in 2020 and will play an important role in the success of your digital marketing strategy. However, it often happens that the amalgam is made between cat and chat-bot: a chat is a conversational tool that instantly allows the customer or prospect to exchange with your company or yourself while a chat bot is an automated robot that allows to give pre-formatted answers according to the request of the client or prospect. Numerous studies have proven that a chat-bot is a great tool to refine the incoming request and thus redirect qualitatively to the person most able to meet the needs of your interlocutor.

4. Social networks, an essential for your digital strategy

Social networks add up to 3.5 billion active users every day, which represents an impressive 45% of the world’s population and 54% of these active users say they use social networks to search for products. As we all know, social networks are essential today in the communication and digital marketing of a brand.

The real question remains to choose the ones that best match your targets and objectives, also taking into account the time and budget that you want to allocate to them: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for E-commerce, Facebook or LinkedIn for the generation of qualified leads, Youtube and Instagram for notoriety for example. As you can see, the possibilities offered by social media are many and challenging.


However, it is important to stay alert on your subjects with a constant watch. Indeed, each year brings a lot of new features and new features for different platforms, and the latest developments are very promising for brands. In 2019, Instagram stories really took off with more than 500 million of these interactive formats shared every day!

5. The podcast, an innovative medium for 2020

The podcast is an audio format close to a radio broadcast, which can last a few minutes or several hours. It is a tool appeared fairly new in the way of strategies in digital marketing for companies (mainly start-up). The main advantage over a radio show is that you can listen to the content at any time and on a specific topic. As a company you can therefore offer different content, in particular targeted interviews on your expertise which are highly appreciated. It is even possible today to transcribe your articles in the form of “mini-podcasts” via dedicated software. A quick and easy way to enrich the content of your site and increase the time spent on it.

6. User opinions, a guarantee of quality for businesses

Reviews and comments sites are also excellent levers of digital marketing to improve the popularity of your establishment. They will constitute a guarantee for the user of the quality of your service and act as a real showcase for your products. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends.

The search for opinions takes a preponderant part in the process of purchase of a consumer with for example 98% of the users of Yelp who indicate in a study to have bought in a business found on the site.

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