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With so many Google Algorithm changes, SEO Experts are facing a hard time in deciding what tactics are working and what not. In this article we will discuss and analyze some of the best ways to SEO in 2020.

This guide will be based on how to bring organic visitors on a website with the latest SEO Methods, and will be helpful for both beginner and advanced SEO Specialists.

So let’s get started.

Tips to do SEO the right way in 2020

 Go natural

Google hates link building. Period. If your backlinks are not natural, they are no good for google. But yet, somehow most of the SEO Experts manage to acquire a link that looks natural to Google and increase their rankings. You can do that too.

Not every content is link worthy, we understand. But yet, you need to make sure that your page is getting enough links from external sites to increase your rankings. And to make it look natural, make sure your outreach to the webmasters in the same niche as your article is.

Follow the latest tags introduced by google

This is probably one of the most ignored factors in 2020 but highly important. If you are linking to any external site within your post, make sure you give it the desired rel tag.

  • For example, if the link is promotional, give it rel=”sponsored” tag.
  • If the link is user-generated, give it rel=”UGC” tag
  • if you think the link should not be given any link-juice by the search engines, give it rel=”nofollow” tag

Get ready for voice search

The future of SEO is the voice search. In order to get the maximum search traffic from the SERPs make sure your website is ready for the voice search. To optimize your website for voice search, make sure you follow the below steps:

  • Make the information as precise as possible
  • Use structured data to make your search result look unique and outrank your competitors
  • Claim and optimize your Google Mybusiness listing
  • Answer the most common questions within your article based on your title

Use skyscraper technique

Skyscraper technique is bound to get your website the maximum search traffic. This is a technique where you pick the top 10 results from google on a search query, and create content better than the pages in the first page search results.

For example: if your top competitor is ranking on an article of 1000 words, your target must be to write an article of more than 1000 words and make it as much detailed as possible.

Don’t stop outreaching

You should make outreaching for link-building a regular thing. Gone are the days when manual submissions used to work to rank a website. To make a link natural, you must outreach to webmasters in your niche to acquire links such as guest posts, infographic links, suggest a broken link replacement with your link, and more.

Some additional tips for effective SEO

If you follow the mentioned 5 points, you will start noticing a spike in your organic traffic. However, there are some additional steps you can take in order to make your SEO more effective. Below are some of those points. So, let’s get started.

  • Always track your rankings using SERP trackers. This will allow you to keep a track on the behavior of your keyword rankings in the SERPS according to the work done in SEO. For example, you wouldn’t know if a recently built spammy link would cause a decrease in the ranking of a particular keyword, therefore, take precautions and use a SERP tracker.
  • Avoid using a single tool for reverse engineering. If you are using a single tool to reverse engineer your competitor links, lets say – ahrefs. You will miss out on the opportunity to detect which of the created backlink has a higher spam score. And you don’t want to create a link to a spammy website. A spam score could be checked by using MOZ tool. Hence, always cross-check the authority of a domain with multiple tools.

These were some of the SEO tips that actually work in 2020. Feel free to apply these tips or take the help of a reliable SEO Company to get the task done.

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