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Dottz Gaming Review

Dottz Gaming Review

A recent review of Dottz Gaming by a customer who also has multiple accounts with the company showed a lot of issues. Now, I have used Dottz before, but this customer had never used them and he was probably angry at the product. After reading his complaints, here are my thoughts on this gaming system.

Customer service – Dottz does offer in-house customer service as well as an online chat option. The customer I talked to said that he left his first message without an answer. It took over an hour for him to get an answer from the customer service department of Dottz Gaming. I also read some feedback stating that Dottz is slow in responding to emails. While I am sure this can be due to the massive number of customers Dottz has, it seems to be slow response time that irks many people.

You can see why many people are not impressed with the customer service at Dottz Gaming. The reviews on Dottz have been fairly negative, however, there is one positive aspect to them. Reviews state that Dottz is easy to assemble and setup, this makes this game system a fast seller. This game system was designed for kids to enjoy playing with, so it only makes sense that this game is really fast.

The fact that the price of this system is cheaper than other models is also a positive. The reviews seem to indicate that this is a reasonably priced game system. As Dottz Gaming continues to grow, the prices will go down.

The sound – While I am sure a great sound system is important to some, for others it may not be as much of a consideration. The most popular reviews I found indicate that the quality of the sound is very high, but may not fit the ears of everyone. Another positive aspect to the sound is that it comes with the game, which makes the sound more than adequate.

Display Resolution: The display resolution is not as high as many other systems, and the buttons for the buttons are easy to use. If you are like me and have large hands, then you might be put off by the keyboard’s design. One reviewer states that the keyboard is comfortable and allows him to easily navigate through the keys.

At $130, this is not the cheapest system out there, but it might be the best value. For that price, you are getting a really good gaming system that does what it claims to do, and it runs a lot smoother than most systems.

The price is right – The last issue that I want to address here is that the price is right. While some may think that the price is outrageous, they will still buy it, because they know that it is worth the price.

While I didn’t find a good review of this system, many did. In fact, the most popular review I read indicated that the system had the lowest loss, was the fastest performing system available, and offered the highest resolution graphics.

So, if you are looking for the best value and an awesome game system that is still powerful, then Dottz is for you. If you want a really good gaming system at a lower price, then you should take a look at Dottz Gaming.

What you get for your money – One thing I really liked about the system was that it gave you a ton of accessories, but still kept the price low. It is definitely worth spending the extra money for, but if you are on a budget, then you should definitely get this system.

Overall, I feel that the game system is great for those looking for a really powerful system that is affordable. The sound is great, the display resolution is up to par with many other systems, and overall, this is a great buy.


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