DragoniaMC online games look rather appealing and for free you can find a few great titles. You can play DragoniaMC online games with the Xbox 360 or the PC. Read more about DragoniaMC online games for free.

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If you want to know more about Dragonia or other online games you can find the whole list of Dragonia Games Online Games.

Holding a Creative Writing Degree and Worked in Games

Question: Could you please explain in a little more detail about your current job as a programmer for an online games developer in China?

Answer: I currently work for a games developer in China. It’s called Dragonia Interactive. We are making a game called Dragonia MC Online. I just left my previous job at the online games maker Otherworld Entertainment (from Bethesda). I was working for them for the last year.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University.

Question: Have you started your job before or after the project was started?

Answer: I started working for Dragonia before the project was finished. My job is as a programmer and I’ve been with Dragonia for the last three months.

Question: Have you already started your job?

Answer: I started my job in March. It was a four month job, but it is not a free job. It’s a contract job and I’m already finished.

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