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If the quiz made by you is published, then the leads should be showering in! But before showering the leads in, one should get their quiz being introduced in front of the people. The best way to publicize your quiz is to first introduce them to your existing audience which can be your friends, relatives, family, etc.
You might be confused that from where to start and what are the effective steps that can make and prove your content good. So, in this article, we’re going to represent very simple and effective steps that can increase website lead capture with a quiz.

1. Add a link to your current quiz in the navigation options of your website

One should add the link of their quiz on the navigation menu of their website to make sure that it is in front of the people that are visiting on your website. You should contact the developer who made your website on how to add the link if you don’t have any idea regarding that.
If you’re using WordPress then just simply login into your site and add navigation option and then add the link of your quiz. You can either have the link to the quiz URL that was generated when you created your quiz or you can embed it using inline embed that we’ll discuss in the next steps onto its page and link it there.
By adding this link, the quiz will come in front of people and it’ll be noticed and it’ll also add to the content that you have posted on your site.

2. Use Hello Bar to add your test to the head of your site pages

Hello, bar is perhaps the least demanding approach to get your test on your site and it is utilized by thousands.
This way can improve the effectiveness of your website and also attracts more people to visit and share the information which they’re looking for. You might be thinking that how it works? It’s easy.
First, visit www.hellobar.com.
After that, you will be asked where you want to add the URL. Log in with your Google account then select your ‘goal=other’. From there, select ‘click the link’ and then enter in the link URL that you want to drive people to and decide if you want your link to be opened in a new window or on the current page when clicked. After deciding it, click ‘next’. Then you’ll be able to customize your bar, including the color, size, place, etc. Click on the preview after you make changes and then you can decide how frequently you want someone to see your bar and click. Once you’re done with all the changes, then click ‘Save and publish’.
At that point, you need to visit your welcome bar dashboard and from that point you’ll have to follow steps to introduce the welcome standardized tag so you can begin following how well your bar is performing. After doing this, your bar is ready to open and run.

3. Change your present email pick in on your site for the test

This can create great impact on lead capture with quiz. First, locate your current option to change your option. When changing your option, you need to be sure that it is prominent on your homepage that can easily be used by the website visitors.
The test made can be shown as a popup utilizing the popup text insert code or can essentially divert the guests to the test on the URL that is picked to be shown.

4. Utilizing the exit popup to pull in individuals before they leave the site

Utilizing this plan popup can drive more traffic to your site. Along these lines is likewise basic and extremely simple to execute.
The intention of this popup is when someone visits your site and thinks to leave then before leaving one popup appears showing them the quiz. This can make people eager to visit the quiz and people might visit the quiz and perform it. Sounds easy and interesting, right? One thing to be taken care of is that your popup should be simple and sweet that visitors are not being annoyed by seeing it or clicking it.
This way works very well to increase lead capture with quiz in a way that is simple and convenient.

5. Embedding your quiz directly on the blog posts

This is one of the best ways among all the mentioned above. By applying along these lines, you can introduce your site before the individuals who are keen on it.
First, you should visit your blog post that is being most viewed by the people. After viewing this, it is the time to embed your quiz.
On the off chance that you’re utilizing WordPress, at that point you’ll have to insert your test in the inline implant code for the test. That code is automatically generated when you create and publish your quiz. You just need to visit the dashboard of your quiz, click the ‘gear symbol’ that is being displayed, and then click on embed code.
There’ll be 3 different embed codes that will appear on the screen but you need to choose ‘inline embed code’. Then click ‘copy to clipboard’ and then edit your most viewed blog post by opening it in HTML view and add the inline embed code to the actual code of HTML.
You can also use the WordPress plugin to get your quiz being added to your site and can be noticed by more people which can increase your lead capture with quiz.
So, these are some of the simple and effective ways to increase website lead capture with quiz. To start driving more visitors to your website, you need to follow and implement 1 or all of the ways mentioned above in your site today which will make your site more noticeable and worthy.

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