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How to write great posts

After several years of writing content both for my blog and as guest posts I can tell you that motivation is fickle.
There are days when you and I feel fully motivated. Ideas jumping from your head to the paper. You’re inspired as you create content to generate buzz.


There are also times when that motivation isn’t much. You get half baked ideas that sponge off your time. You can’t get to the next sentence either. The truth? This happens. To almost everyone. Creating great content all the time isn’t easy. And we need to go past it. As far as I see writing blog posts is the number 1 way to generate warm leads for the business.

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You might not agree with me yet but the fact is true. Marketers who use blogs get 67% more leads.
The leads you generate through blogging cost 67% less than what you generate through other marketing methods.you may

As much content as you may write, you may know that lead generation is challenging for businesses.
So how do you generate quality leads?

And not come across as a salesman out for their blood. Persuasive content is the answer. Almost everyone who starts blogging has hit the proverbial brick wall where they fail to make an impact.
The difference between successful and failed bloggers is persuasive content. You can create good content in good time. Here’s how to do it.

Start at the basics

The foundation of your content determines how successful you’re going to be with it. Ideating great content and research are the pillars.
This is what you need to cover before you start writing. One another place where you can brainstorm more ideas is through social media.

Step #1 – Build an idea reserve

Next step is to come up with a number of great ideas for your blog. You may have several good ideas and a few bad ones.
There are few ways to create these ideas. Use a single spreadsheet to not down ideas that come to you. It’s important you don’t spread your ideas in multiple places. Just use one single source.
Next, analyze these ideas.

Blogging isn’t really a big sales tool if you don’t plan on using and choosing topics that fit your target audience. They should be aligned quite well with what your audience wants.
Don’t blog for the sake of blogging.
It’s an investment in time.

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Consider from the point of view of the reader. What’s preventing them from saying yes to what you’re offering.
Address these objections about your business to improve lead generation efforts.
This is probably the best thing to do to get more leads.

You can do this by accessing front facing customers. Or conduct a webinar and go through the chat box to find out objections, problems and questions.

Here are more ideas:

  • Tell them why you can solve the problem
  • Why are you better than competitors?
  • The urgency need
  • The relevance of product
  • The product’s USP

What do you think of our tips and tricks?

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