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Email List

Email list refers to a list of people who sign up for a brand and therefore receive the brand-related updates and information through their emails. Brands have been using this marketing tool since the inception of the Internet. Since email platforms are older than the social media ones, they have a larger number of users. Hence, brands can reach a wider audience through emails than through social media.

When I started my own business, my brand was not able to reach targeted sales for about a year. So, I contacted one of the top marketing recruitment agencies to hire professionals. These new experts revised the marketing strategies with my team and started developing the email lists. Just within a few months, we witnessed significant brand growth.

Therefore, a brand should spend significant amounts of time and money to grow its email list. Here are a couple of ways in which you can build and maintain an excellent email list:

Newsletter Popups

These are the best means to attract a wide audience. Whenever a person visits your website, he/she’ll see a popup encouraging him/her to sign-up to your brand’s newsletter to receive the latest updates or discounts. So, it will help you in attracting those customers who are truly interested in your products and brand.

Attractive Discounts

Discounts are great ways of building a strong email list. Ask your customers to sign-up and offer them exciting discounts in return. Such customers will reach their friends and family and ask them to sign-up for your brand. This, in turn, will help you build a large customer base.

Smart Email Marketing System

There are several email marketing platforms to choose from. Make sure to select the one that can manage your preferences and provide timely analytics easily. A smart email marketing platform can even track customer behavior and enable you to get the desired return on investment.

Fresh Content

Make sure that your content is always crisp and fresh. Even when you manage to attract several people, you can quickly start losing them because of poor quality content. If you can’t manage the content on your own, hire freelancers instead of compromising on the email quality.

Free Giveaways

Giveaways can go a long way to ensure your business’s success. You just have to ask people to sign-up to have a shot at receiving a free product. It can keep the people engaged and turn them into your loyal customers.

Sign up Option

On the checkout page, give your customers an option to sign-up before making a purchase. In this way, those who are truly interested in your brand will be joining your email list. It will help you in keeping your email list strong.

Gated Content

By closing off content, you can easily urge interested people to sign-up for you. Those people who are truly interested in your content or product will surely want to continue reading. Therefore, they’ll sign up and help you in maintaining a strong email list.

Social Media

Through effective use of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you can encourage people to sign-up for your website and brand. If your selected niche is an active user of these platforms, the right strategies can go a long way to ensure customer loyalty via emails.

Exit Popups

Include an exit popup tool on your website to encourage customers to spend more time on your website. An exit popup can interest the customer by offering him a giveaway or a discount in return for signing up for the website.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Popups

Shopping cart abandonment is a very crucial issue for many E-commerce brands. Customers can add products into their shopping carts and then leave your website instead of making a purchase. To combat this situation, many brands have started using various strategies to increase sales.

You can convert these abandons into paying customers by finding out whether they are existing or new customers. If they are new, you can add a popup feature to incentivize them. This incentive will catch their email address and offer them a discount on the products.

If the customer is an existing one, you can give offer them a discount without asking for their email again.

Landing Pages

Getting people on board is not easy. Often, they want to know more about your content before joining your email list. You can reap amazing benefits from this situation by building awesome subscription pages. The pages can include things like monthly tips, reviews, and discounts to attract an audience.

Through tweets, Ads, and Google Analytics tracking, you can witness a hike in your conversion rates within a month.

Webinars and Courses

By hosting webinars and free short courses, you can drive up the number of registrations significantly. One of the most popular ways of hosting them is by asking/hiring influencers and celebrities. They can effortlessly deliver industry and product-related insights to your customers. This, in turn, will increase brand awareness and credibility.


Contests are another great way of building your email lists and achieving greater conversion rates. Through various and apps, you can create and run contests easily to attract the audience.


CTAs can be of great help to encourage customers to sign-up for your website. Make sure to spread several CTAs throughout your website. But be mindful as to not go too far with this idea. Prevent spamming as this can leave a bad impression on the customers.

Signup before Download Option

If you are offering something interesting on your website, make sure to keep it free for all visitors. But ask them to sign-up for your website before downloading the content. In this way, you’ll be able to market your content as well as add new people to your email list.

While these strategies are important to build a strong customer base, you need to be mindful of the extent of their employment. When a friend of mine launched his business website, his marketing team members made the mistake of spamming it with sign-up options. Because of this, my friend’s brand quickly began to lose valuable customers. After that, my friend got help from RPO services which fixed this issue and developed an attractive campaign to attract customers.

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