Effective Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

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Effective Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Instagram has 1 billion users. Businesses, celebrities, and influencers all fight to get followers online. As a business startup, you might be struggling to get followers but you don’t know what to do. There are tools that can generate or give you free Instagram followers. You can as well apply the following tips and increase your Instagram number of followers. The use of pictures entice people and capture their attention. By doing that, the conversion rate is high and this is what make businesses prosper.

Instagram Followers

Register with Your Facebook Account First

There are two ways to open an Instagram account. One of them is to just create an Instagram profile through the use of the Instagram ‘set profiled’ section. When you do that, you need to start fishing for followers afresh. When you register your account with Facebook, the followers from Facebook will automatically be directed to your account. This means before even getting new followers on Instagram, you will be able to use the Facebook friend list for Instagram followers.

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Ensure You Use Ultra HD Photos

Instagram is all about having attractive photos. Photos that will enhance user engagements like commenting, sharing, and liking. That way, you will have many followers because people will be eager and willing to see your photos. Poor quality photos cannot attract people and you will end up losing a lot of the followers to your competitors. If you get a tool that promises you 1000 free Instagram followers trial, try it but make sure your content is of excellent quality to avoid losing the followers.

Ensure You Use Ultra HD Photos

Engage in Other People’s Content

Popularity is a two-way thing. The more active you are; the more followers you get. Make it a habit to comment, like, and share other people’s content and you will also have a lot of exposure. The more you comment and share, the more you gain recognition and people will reciprocate the engagement on your profile. Take for example you make free followers for Instagram, no one knows you but the more you engage, the more they get to know you and also build loyalty with you. The more people get used to you, the more you get recognition and people follow you back.

Make Use of Shoutout and Hashtags for You to Gain Recognition

Shoutout is a simple method of promoting others as well as exposing your business online. The more you use these tricks, the more you gain recognition and also people will feel like promoting your business. Always make sure you use Hashtags that promote your business and other people’s businesses. This will make people feel ready to support you when you release a new product or announcement. Don’t be selfish to promote other people’s businesses.


Getting Instagram followers is not an overnight thing. You need to be resilient and use effective strategies for you to be able to gain followers. Even when you get the followers, you need to make sure you do what it takes to maintain them. Regular updates on your social media is an indication that you are active and you will gain more and more followers.

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