Everything You Need to Know About Female Escorts in the United States

Everything You Need to Know About Female Escorts in the United States

To learn more about female escorts, take a look at this helpful infographic. It provides all the information you need to know about who these professionals are and what they do, as well as where they work and how much they charge. Whether you’re simply curious or you’re seeking out an escort agency to hire one of its girls, check it out and share it with your friends.

Why do women become escorts?

CityVibe, a male escort review site, surveyed over 200 female escorts. The results were surprising. The majority of women reported that they became an escort because they enjoyed sex, wanted to make good money, and craved adventure. Most of these women also believed that they were in control of their own lives. They didn’t see themselves as being exploited by men. In fact, only three percent said they felt degraded or humiliated while on the job. These numbers show that most female escorts don’t feel victimized by their profession at all. In reality, it’s actually quite empowering for them.

Is it hard to be an escort?

For many people, it’s difficult enough just to find a job these days. Imagine then what it might be like as an escort, which is often looked down upon. Not only do you have to deal with not being able to tell your family or friends what you do for a living, but you also have clients that are on edge and may become violent at any time. It’s tough for most escorts, which is why the industry has given birth to CityVibe.

CityVibe is an online database of escorts from all over the country that gives their personal information, including prices and services offered. The database also lets users review their experience with each individual escort and can provide information about whether or not they’re safe or worth booking with.

How much do escorts earn?

On average, female escorts can earn up to $500 an hour. That’s a lot of cash! But there are other ways they can make money, too. For example, they may charge between $250 and $350 for two hours of their time. If you want them for more than that, it might cost you a little extra. Some also charge by the day or by the week. And if you want them all to yourself for a day or night? Well that’s going to cost you a bit more again because they will be charging what is known as a rate card. That would be around $1000-$2000 depending on how long your date is going to be and what kind of extras you’re looking for like domination or fetish play.

How many clients do escorts see per day?

Most female escorts in the United States see about four clients per day. This is a huge difference from what many people think, which is that most escorts are seeing over 10 clients a day. In reality, most of them only see three or four clients. The average age of an escort in the U.S. is 27-years-old and they have been working for five years. Some escorts make a lot more money than others because they have long standing relationships with their clients (longer than five years).

What are some things female escorts need to know about their health?

Female escorts, much like other sex workers, need to take care of their sexual and reproductive health. Knowing your STD status is paramount and can be done by getting tested annually. It’s also important to know what contraceptives are right for you and use them correctly. Just like anyone else who is sexually active, female escorts need to get screened for STDs regularly. At any given time they may have more than one partner, so it’s important that they put themselves first when it comes to their sexual health.

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