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We’re all heard of hair loss, right? Have you heard of lash shedding? Many of us are not aware of this. Like our hair, our eyelashes go through a growth cycle where they shed and grow back. Now do not be afraid when you find wild lashes on the cheeks, especially if you have chosen eyelash extensions phoenix. Before you start panicking, read our complete guide to know all about spring lash sheds.

Let’s take a closer look at lash shedding:
What is lash shedding?
Lash shedding is a natural occurrence where our lashes fall out and replenish in 60-90 days. Depending on individual hair growth cycles, we tend to shed an average of 1 to 5 natural lashes daily. It’s all part of the renewal cycle, and there’s nothing to be worried about. When an eyelash falls, a new baby eyelash is already grown instead. Something we will not even notice!

What is the life cycle of the eyelash?
Three phases are involved in the life cycle of the hair on the eyelid; like the hair on our heads. The primary step, when a small lash protrudes from the lash line, is called the anagen phase; lasts for 15-20 days. The good news is that a professional salon for eyelash extensions can apply for extension, even at this time. The technician must work carefully with extensions that are short and light.

In the catagen phase (also called the transition phase), which is the second phase of the lash growth journey; the lashes are half-grown. This phase takes approx. 14-21 days. When extensions are used at this time, they last the longest due to the strength and longevity of the lashes.

The last phase, called the telogen phase, is the time when the lashes are at the peak of development and want to relax by taking a break from growth. It is a bad idea to use lash extensions at this time when the lashes are full length and approaching the end of the lash journey. In no time, your extensions will coincide with your natural lashes, making you look like a zombie.

Why shed lashes in the spring season?
Lash shedding is a year-round process that becomes more noticeable in certain weather like spring. Why is it like that? Our body metabolism is such that it begins to prepare for the warmer climatic conditions during the spring. Because of this, people tend to lose their lashes faster.

In addition, the rising temps can stop the growth of the lash as more lashes go into the resting phase, causing them to fall out. This means that clients may come to your salon regularly, as their delicious extensions can last less than desired. Train them about these changes in advance to save them from panic attacks.

High temps equate to more sweating. It makes the skin oily and weakens the effect of the lash adhesive. Even when you are on your treadmill, keep your sweat in check with a headband to prevent your beauties from shedding prematurely.

If the skin is too dry due to lack of moisture, the hair follicles just below the skin become nourishing. It makes them crazy and makes them fall prematurely. Thus, people tend to notice extra tufts of hair and lashes during the beautiful spring season. Flowers bloom and hair sheds! What contrast is it not?

What can I do to prevent the lashes from sagging?
Since it is a natural process, it is not possible to prevent the lashes from folding. To keep your lashes healthy, the rule is simple. Purity! Purity! Purity. You need to always keep your lashes in top-top condition; first then your lash extensions last longer. Clean your eyelash extensions properly at home every day, especially before ordering your appointments.

Allergies are common during the spring season. If you skip cleaning your eyelashes with safe lash extender cleanser, bacteria will definitely build up around the lash line. In addition to cleaning, you should brush your lashes with a clean lash stick daily to ward off allergies.

Parting your extensions with your lashes. To be beautiful by booking your refill appointments every 2-3 weeks.

How can lash salons prepare their clients for spring?
1. Consciousness
A lash artist should inform each client in detail about the procedure for eyelash extension. In addition to the do’s and don’ts of lash extensions, it’s best to tell your customers what to expect as spring approaches. Do you want your panic clients to call you with their lash miseries? So it is best to warn them that each individual has a different experience based on the growth and strength of their lashes. Some may experience heavy shedding, while for some it may be mild during the spring season.

2. Check for stress signals
Even after informing clients about spring lash shedding, if they call with a complaint about excessive lash fall, check for stress on the lashes. If too much weight is added to the natural lashes, it can lead to premature shedding.

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