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VR Park Dubai

VR park is a theme park in Dubai, packed with awe-inspiring gaming and entertainment activities. It is one kind of a place that leaves the visitors amazed with its virtual yet close to reality fun games. The place is a great choice to visit; from Burj dropping to killing enemies in a combat game, it has everything. No one should miss out on this place when visiting Dubai. 

The park itself is a world where the visitors can enjoy several activities. Access to each game depends on the pass you have bought to get in. We are about to discuss one of these passes, known as the super 7 passes. What activities can you access when you have this pass? Want to know? Keep reading!

VR Park Dubai Mall: a brief overview

This new age appreciation for experience computer-generated reality is the most recent and extreme involvement in Dubai. Crossing 7,000sqm across two levels, this is the most incredible indoor augmented experience park on the planet. With more than 30 game-changing rides and encounters for all ages, The VR Park will take you on an energizing and instructive excursion. Whether you are chatting with family or your gathering of companions, there are a lot of events to browse at VR Park Dubai Mall. 

Drop down from the world’s tallest structure, Burj Khalifa, or discover experience in a ridge driving encounter directly from the recreation center. Participate in different attractions with adrenaline, frightfulness, experience, sports, relaxation, instructive factors, and get a once in a blue moon insight. 

VR Park Dubai Mall has attractions spread across two stories that draw in crowds of distinct tastes and inclinations. Experience a topsy turvy world if you can endure the thrill and reclaim recollections and pictures of fun and experience.

What activities can you access? 

There are a number of activities that kids and adults can play. Some are funny, while some are thrilling and adrenaline-boosting. We are about to enlist the famously fun activities you can play at the VR Park Dubai

  • Burj Drop
  • The Raft
  • Ape-X
  • Jhonwick Chronicles
  • Payday: The VR Heist
  • The walking dead VR outbreak
  • Dubai Drone
  • Dune Bash
  • Holegate
  • Stereo life
  • VR Maze
  • Plummet
  • Virtual Rapids
  • Holocube VR
  • Weplay VR

Does any of the activities mentioned above excite you? Great! Now is the time to live your dreams. Grab your VR Park Dubai Tickets today and HAVE FUN!

Overview of VR park super seven pass:

The super seven pass is an entry pass to the park. Among many entry passes, this one has some unique features. Those who have this pass can access seven of the activities mentioned above. You can go for those activities which click you the most. There are several inclusions in the super seven pass. These are discussed in the coming lines.

Inclusions of the super seven pass:

Following is a list of features included in a super seven pass.

  • Admission to VR park
  • Four Hours gameplay. When you have this pass, you can enjoy your favorite and thrilling activities for a duration of four hours. 
  • Access to any seven games. As mentioned earlier, the super pass enables you to choose and play seven of the fun activities with your friends and family. This is an excellent opportunity to explore better what the VR park is offering visitors. 

Exclusions of the super seven pass:

With the extra features and increased duration in the park, certain factors are excluded from the list. It would be best if you watched these out before buying the ticket. Let us have a look at these exclusions:

  • Those who have the super pass will have to pay the digital card fee of AED 5 at the gate. Despite being having the super pass, no one is exempted from paying this amount.
  • The park also offers some arcade games. The super seven pass holders will have to pay extra charges for these games since they don’t fall in the category of seven games. 
  • Since the list is long, if something is not mentioned in the inclusion list, it should be considered excluded from the super seven pass. 

Insider tips you need:

Here are some bonus tips that you should consider while inside the park.

  • You can play each game only once.
  • Visitors can’t play arcade games with the super seven pass.
  • You need to book your tickets at least one day before the visit. 
  • A transportation facility is also available. You will be picked from your destination (if selected). 

Are you excited to pay a visit and explore the VR world inside? It’s time to grab your tickets online and enjoy the adventure. 

Explore the hidden world of VR with your loved ones!

The virtual reality park is becoming the central attraction point for visitors in Dubai. Each year, the number of visitors increases. The reason is that it offers numerous thrilling ye funny activities for the visitors. Are you planning a trip with your kids? VR park could be the best option!

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