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Any appliance that you buy nowadays comes packed with features and specs that will influence your decision, so there are a few things you need to know beforehand. With each passing year, TVs evolve into unique objects of desire. TVs are amongst the most sold consumables these days, and brands are striving to compete with each other.

As a TV is an entertainment appliance, you may think that any model will do. Nonetheless, smart LED TVs of today are a far-cry from devices that simply meet the requirement of viewing programs. Today’s smart TVs are state-of-the-art machines that satisfy the demands of multi-purpose usage.

A 32 inch TV, one of the most sought-after smart TV dimensions in the Indian market, comes with a substantial level of smartness in terms of its LED, OLED, or QLED displays, 4K resolution, internet access, Wi-Fi friendliness, and computer capability.


Furthermore, these smart TVs come with a host of apps, and more than 20 content portals that have everything from movies on Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar to videos and games. The displays on these TVs are crystal clear and offer magnificent picture quality.

So, with a multitude of models at your feet, what do you buy? There are important things to consider before making the ultimate choice, and affordability may be an important consideration.


Reasons to Buy a TV in 2021


Buying a TV in 2021, whether the best Samsung 32 inch smart TV or a model from another brand like LG, Sony, or Mi, is not easy. Think of the reasons for your purchase. You may want it for pure entertainment.

Then again, you may want to sync it with your phone to view images or use it as a workstation connected to your PC. Many aspects of TVs may affect what you want in a TV of 2021.

By and large, brands and models are in aggressive competition with each other, and you will find more or less the same features and specs in a smart TV in 2021, with a few differences. Most people prefer smart LED TVs today, as regular ones without the “smart” label are no longer popular.


Things to Know Before You Buy a TV


TVs are available in different types: smart TV, LED, OLED, 4K, and HDR among others. Though TV sales hit close to 15 million units in the middle of 2019, the next year saw a lull because of the pandemic.

Still, TV sales lifted in India once lockdowns eased, and Diwali discounts prevailed in 2020. Now, TV sales are touted to climb. Whether it is the size you’re considering, as a compact 32-inch TV, or smart specs, keep in mind the following:


  • Display – With QLED, OLED and LED TVs in the market, know that you get great luminosity and vivid color with all three, although the new QLED TVs (Quantum dot technology by Samsung and VU) are more vibrant in some respects, are relatively more expensive, and are energy efficient.LED TVs are great, and if you are a regular user, LED backlighting is good. These are the most affordable of the three, with OLED being on the higher end of the price scale. Sony makes great OLED TVs (KD55A8G model, for example), with a nice balance between the three display technologies.
  • Screen Size – Consider where the TV will be viewed from. A good rule of thumb is that you should view the TV from a distance of 3 times the screen height if it’s an HD TV and 1.5 times its height for a 4K Ultra HD TV. If you want to sit closer to the screen, a TV with a higher resolution is better.
  • Refresh Rate – The refresh rate is measured in Hertz (Hz), and it describes how frequently an image is refreshed on the TV’s screen each second. The standard is 60Hz per second, but images get blurry for fast-moving objects. Higher refresh rates take care of this issue, like 120Hz.
  • Smart TVs or Regular models – If you choose a smart TV, you won’t have to think of much besides the brand and your budget. Most smart TVs have an edge over regular LED TVs in terms of displays, features that connect to the internet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility, and sound and picture quality.Many smart TVs have dedicated apps, letting you remotely control TVs through your smartphone. If you are looking for digital-age TVs, a smart TV is valuable. Check brands like Mi, Samsung, and LG.


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