Explore An Adventure Tour of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi in 2020

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Explore An Adventure Tour of Desert Safari Abu Dhabi in 2020

Why do you want to explore desert safari Abu Dhabi? Because the glamorous of the desert spread around the world and every year millions of people come with their families and friends to explore the beauty of the desert.

Desert safari from Abu Dhabi provides amazing deals that you can explore only if you come to this beautiful place.

Explore an adventure tour of Desert safari Abu Dhabi

Camel riding with thrilling at dunes

In a shimmering environment of the desert with camel riding, you feel be proud and rid eon red sand like a king. Being a couple you can take more selfies and with ancient costumes, your memories are so beautiful with camel riding. Explore the whole desert from the campsite to the other part of the desert with the help of camel riding.

Henna painting on hands & feet

Another amazing activity that gives you a smile on your face the Henna tattoo on your hands and feet in the desert. The expert girls of henna painting put Mehndi on your hands with different styles with techniques.

The adventure sports at desert: ATV Quad biking, dune bashing, and sandboarding 

Sports are very important for your health and without playing you cannot feel fresh. Your kind is fresh and thinks more if you spend some time in sports. At desert safari, there are many sports activities for adults and children like Quad biking, dune bashing, and sandboarding, etc. These activities are for youngsters and adults not for small kids.

BBQ Dinner under the sky with an amazing live dance show

After the camel riding, dune bashing, and sandboarding you need some energy for other activities. In the evening the refreshment is ready for the visitors with BBQ dinner, tea, coffee, and the belly dance shows. The delicious food makes make you energetic and ready for the next step.

Photography with Arabian costumes

Always photography is an amazing part of the trip because you can capture your memories when you take photos in the desert. The beautiful Arabian costumes are here for couples, in the evening with sunset view on camel riding, you can capture photos. Such an amazing view for you when you see after go back.

The beautiful sunset view

Sunset in the desert is amazing because of the red sand. Sun is like a fireball in the desert and makes you relax. Sunset is favorite for everyone in the desert because the desert view of the evening is pleasant.

Overnight desert Safari with Tanoura dance show, Belly dance show, and the fire show

In the evening, amazing dance shows like Tanoura dance show, belly dance show, and the fire is organized for overnight desert safari. With delicious food, your overnight desert trip at a camp-style hotel under the sky is full of zest. For the Tanoura and belly dance shows, the expertise comes from the different parts of the world and entertain the visitors.

With affordable deals, the Abu Dhabi desert tour provides the Abu Dhabi city tour for those who also want to explore the beauty of the city. Here the grand Sheikh Zahid mosque, the heritage museum, Marina mall, gold shops, and the coffee shops waiting for you.

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