Facebook, Nike, Disney, and companies you should buy shares before 2022

companies you should buy shares

In some cases, like Facebook, its share price grows despite the latest negative news. In others, for example, Disney, they are going down. Both companies will be a good deal in the coming months, according to the experts at GO Banking Rates.

The companies best prepared to withstand rising inflation and the supply crisis are the ones that best cope with the end of the year.

Just as in 2020 it could be predicted that the companies that would fare best were those that had added value during the pandemic, such as Amazon , UPS or FedEx, in the current annuity, companies with a more promising near future are those that are best prepared to deal with escalating inflation, a precarious job market and a growing shortage of products emanating from delays in the supply chain. If cheap stock is your requirement then you should go for AGYP stock, also you can find a list of cheap stocks and their stat.

Based on these premises, these are companies whose shares will perform well in 2022 , in the opinion of GO Banking Rates analysts . 


To begin, we return to the social network. Although the latest news on Facebook does not leave the company in a good place at all, they take Mosley Fool’s forecasts to say that Zuckerberg’s company is acting in a “conservative” way, given the enormous potential it has in the long term. .

At the time of writing this article, Facebook shares , according to CoinMarketCap, are at 293.75 euros ($ 341.88 at current exchange rates), after rising 5.6% since last October 12. 


Target shares – which, they say, are in fashion – have grown by 10.1% since October 1, 2021 (from 196.26 to 218.42 euros). It is one of the companies recruited by the president of the United States, Joe Biden, to try to mitigate the crisis in the supply chain . 


According to Yahoo Finance , Walmart is another of the companies very well positioned to have an excellent future, since they will have plenty of capacity to face the supply crisis, thanks, among other things, to a solid inventory, chartered vessels and shipping agreements for the long term. 


Like Target and Walmart, Nike (and its share price) was also hit hard by the supply crisis. But it has recovered and, at the moment, they are worth 139.35 euros ($ 162.18) after increasing by 10.3% in the current month of October 2021.

Affirm”Buy now and pay later . ” It is the motto of one of the fashion companies, which, after reaching a maximum price of its shares of 120.28 euros ($ 139.99) on February 11, 2021, had several months of decline, until September arrived. and the uptrend started. 


Disney overcame the pandemic, GO Banking Rates emphasize , because of how well some of its businesses were, especially   Dinsey + , which reached 116 million subscribers during the third quarter of 2021.

UpstartWith some companies, like Facebook, a good performance is assumed, but there are always doubts. However, with Upstart, analysts do not seem to have them. 

They remember that the price of their shares has risen more than 660% so far in 2021 and they predict that the bullish rally will continue. They are now at € 304.45 ($ 354.34) after an 18.6% growth in October. 

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