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Fascination About dog training chiang mai

TheExpertasia Bully Campwe offerbothindividual and group dog training chiang mai courses.

During our dog trainingclasses we emphasizeinteraction and obedience.

Dog education

The education system is a key toolfor learning essentialknowledge andskills.

Do youhave any idea?

Like everyperson on the planethas different fingerprints, eachdogalso has a distinctnose.

Every child requiresto betaught in order toacquire essential knowledge and skills. Dogsshould alsobetrainedtobe able to integrate well withintheir social group on theone hand,and inyourhousehold and societyon the other.

Educating a dog is learningto observe it, tobe aware of it, to loveit,to understandit.

Tohelp a dog learn,mutual respect is required.

The dogs have their own language.Learntocommunicate with dogs thanks toourknowledgeable and skilledpet experts.

Our dog training courses

Whether for a puppyor an adult petany learning must be donein a way that is progressive.

Individual dog training classes

The first time you attend class,we willassess your currentpartnershipthat you have with your dog.During this time, an educationstrategy will be developed.The dog will thenbeincluded inour group lessons(maximum5dogsinan area).

Group lessons

A dog becomes socialized byinteracted with other dogs anddeveloping their communication skills through verbal cues andbody language.For pups, socializationwill start in theirlitter.They then progress to interactingwith other dogs, as well ashumans and families. Thesocialization period ofan animal can last for up to twomonths.This is when weteachthe art of social interaction and positive interactionwithhumans and dogs.

Different games and dog exerciseswill be used to improvetherelationship between thepets and owners.Through this, the dogs willdevelop sociability andobedience.

Sociability & Games

We will introduceaseriesof gamesforyour dogduring the firstindividual lessons.We will then develop theseinto small-sized groups. Wepay particularattention to yourpetwhen we conduct these lessons. Wework in ancommunity environment where dogs arerelaxed, safeandloved. Ourmain goal is to:



The foundation of obedience isrelationships between you andyourpet. It islearned and taughtwith the help of a satisfyingandlovingconnection with the dog. We rewardwithfood, toys and attractivegames.The aim is his healthand a strong connectionwith him.

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