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Features to Look When Purchasing Hosting


Web hosting is a service that gives institutions and/or individuals to host their websites on the internet. There are hundreds of web hosts for us to choose from now. It can be a gigantic task to find the one that fits our needs.

Determining vital information about hosting sites and factors decide which hosting company best suits your needs.

A guide on the significant web hosting features is essential, and I have tried to compile all valuable information in this article.


A hosting plan, Shared web hosting is a hosting where the service provider provides services to multiple websites, and each one of them hosts their domain name beneath a single web server.

Since this task is a costly affair, many businesses opt for hosting their websites. However, this makes it choosing the right web hosting service provider critical. Important why? To keep your data safe, avoid downtime, and much more such features.

Web hosting features to keep an eye open for:

Security strength

A Web host with good security strength is a must if you’re getting your customers’ private information via your website.

A secure site has these features:

Daily backups: What if you lost your website due to a small mistake? Everything you ever made will be lost, and you would be back to square one. That is why daily backups are vital.

SSLs: Having a web host that provides SSLs is necessary if online transactions will be made through the website, and you don’t have a third party transaction provider.

SiteLock: Scans for malware and helps prevent your site from getting blacklisted.

Tech Support

Let’s just let sink some points in. There will be problems on your site and you will need someone to fix them up for you. There comes the role of tech support. They can help you make the necessary recoveries for your site to get back up. 

Know what kind of services your host provides. Chat or one to one telephonic conversations, you should know on a prior basis.  

Bandwidth Limit

Before deciding your bandwidth, you should have an approximate idea about the traffic you are expecting of your site. Hosts offer unlimited bandwidth, but, it can affect the traffic of the website.

On the contrary, if you have limited bandwidth, once your limit is over, either your hosting provider will charge you extra per megabyte or not allow any more viewers.


While choosing a plan, you should use online tools such as Pingdom, Host Tracker, or UptimeRobo. Ninety-nine percent of uptime is the standard industry norm. Check The Uptime Provided, and at the same time, do not forget to be cautious about the security features included in the plan. 


Web host companies provide special widget features that let you quickly build a website. Due to this, everything is managed efficiently. 

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Customer Reviews / Satisfaction / Reputation

This is one of those factors that is often gored but is vital to the website. Reviews on various platforms, like twitter, can guide you about the host without actually using it.


The bigger your website is, the more substantial is the disk space that you need and vice versa. Storage is required for any media, so it should be a well-calculated feature as well. 

A lousy web host can have adverse effects on your search rankings and cost you for nothing, so make sure you choose the right host for you. 

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