Five Crucial Advantages of Using Ceramic Tiles for Your Bathroom

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Five Crucial Advantages of Using Ceramic Tiles for Your Bathroom

When it comes to giving a makeover to your bathroom, tiles are quite a popular choice. Whether you use them for walls or floors, tiles have to be the most effective and least expensive. The installation costs, of course, add up; but the extent to which it adds value to your home in comparison to other materials is indeed commendable.

Tiles are versatile and work both for residential and commercial bathroom makeover projects. The sky is the limit for the designs, textures, and colors and an abundant range is prevalent in different sizes and shapes. Practicality, affordability, and durability are three words that define ceramic tiles perfectly. Let us dive into the advantages of using them in your bathroom remodeling project –

  1. Combat Moisture

The entire area of the bathroom is full of humidity. There is constant water use, and then there are shampoos, soaps, and floor cleaners, causing more damage. So, glazed ceramic tiles come as a savior – they are non-porous and can withstand high moisture levels gracefully. Even if there is steam buildup after a hot bath or shower, a solution of water and soap does the trick of cleaning. You can wipe off with walls with a clean microfiber cloth for instant drying.

  • Save Money

In comparison to glass, slate, or marble, ceramic wall tiles are highly cost-effective. No matter what style, color, and texture you want, there is a ceramic tile for every budget. And since the longevity outperforms the initial cost you spend on buying and installing tiles, you receive an exciting return on your investment and an increased value on your home overall. Look out for deals at your local stores or online websites.

  • Enjoy Easy Maintenance

Using tiles for floor or walls in your bathroom has the massive advantage – cheap and hassle-free maintenance! That is especially so with ceramic tiles with slippery coating on the surface as any dirt or grime can be easily wiped off, and frequent sealing applications can bring the lost shine. The absence of humidity prevents mold growth and any other unhygienic bacteria from invading the crispy, clean walls.

  • Experience Durability

Tiles in your bathroom make an extremely durable and long-lasting choice. If given proper attention and care, ceramic wall tiles can last for more than twenty years, with just the grouting calling for frequent touchups. Laminates, on the other hand, perform optimally only up to ten years and way lesser when used in bathrooms with high traffic. Also, in case any tile cracks for some reason, replacement is easy-peasy, unlike laminates.

  • Build Eco-Friendly

Looking at the status of the environment these days, it has become essential to make environmentally conscious choices, whether it is your food, clothes, building materials, or renovation projects you plan. Installation of ceramic wall tiles, in that sense, is the wisest path to take. You don’t have to achieve your dream aesthetics at the cost of the environment, as ceramic tiles are made of composite materials. Thus, you can be confident that you are living sustainably.

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