Five Easy Tips to Prevent Respiratory Ailments

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Most people eat well and work out daily to keep up with their health. But, rarely do we find individuals who think about protecting and maintaining the well-being of their lungs. As a result of this ignorance, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma don’t come as a surprise.

A significant percentage of the global population suffers from different lung diseases, and many die battling lung cancer every year. Unfortunately, the numbers are likely to go up, with both men and women in Australia being expected to die sooner than expected in the coming years.

The truth is just like other parts of your body, your lungs age with time and becomes less resistant to virus and bacteria. They lose their strength and create breathing difficulties. Genetics, air pollution, cleaning solutions, smoking, and sleep disorders keep playing their detrimental role too.

However, if you take proper preventive measures and adopt healthy habits, you can keep your airways functioning optimally even into your senior phase. Read the below tips for better clarity.

  1. Quit Smoking

Smoking is not only associated with the risk of lung ailments but also with heart problems, diabetes, dental problems, hearing loss, etc. It makes symptoms of asthma and related diseases more severe. There have been enough studies by now that show how the chemicals from smoking quickly turn into cancerous. Thus, dropping your daily smoke habits may be challenging but worth it.

  • Stay Away from Pollutants

Smoking is a significant contributor to respiratory illnesses, and so is secondhand smoke. The fumes released by cigarettes, industries, and chemicals cause the same problems as direct smoking. For children and seniors, the danger is even greater. Prolonged exposure to air pollutants can cause cancer. So, keep your house and vehicle clean from inside. Vacuum regularly and use a mask when going out.

  • Exercise Well

Regular workouts are a must to keep your body in shape and improve the health of your lungs. With aerobic exercises, your heart beats faster, and there is an increased flow of oxygen throughout the body. By doing breathing exercises for 15-20 minutes daily, you can further step up the activity of your lungs and make it more efficient.

  • Pay Attention to Existing Health Conditions

A simple throat infection can sometimes become too serious if ignored. Cold and chest infections can quickly develop into pneumonia if a patient is not careful. So, watch out for your current health status and schedule regular checkups. Many times, lung infections go undetected and come to light with irreparable damage.

  • Invest in an Oxygen Device

If a patient suffers from a lung disease, the oxygen in the air is not sufficient. Short breath, heart, and brain problems can be the immediate repercussions of that. So, oxygen therapy may help. Depending upon the exact health status of the patient, doctors may prescribe the use of a high-quality oxygen concentrator that receives air, purifies it, and then distributes the changed air (consisting of very little nitrogen). Even for the ones with no acute symptoms, this device may be the best prevention.

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