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Pre roll packaging

When it comes to cannabis, pre-roll packaging is a dynamic solution used for branding. It does not only keep the products safe and secure but also helps to highlight your brand in the market place. Among a wide range of companies offering different types of CBD products, differentiating your brands is becoming an issue of concern. Attractively designed pre roll packaging plays a significant role in giving you a competitive edge. It makes your products unique to elevate the customers’ demand. The manufacturers design them with eye-catchy logos and fascinating artwork to create a broader appeal.

Why is Pre-roll Packaging Important?

A pre-roll is a joint prepared by a dispensary, a cannabis vendor, or any brand. They are consumer-ready, eliminating the hassle to grind, roll, or seal the product into the joint. Pre-rolls vary in weight and potency. The most common is a six-pack of pre-roll you can find with any cannabis seller. A pre-roll offer consumers an inexpensive, disposable, all-in-one wonderful experience. It consists of a paper wrap, ground cannabis, and a filter stuck firmly at the pre-rolls base. Some of them are sold as individual tubes while others as multi-packs.

No matter, which type you sell them, perfectly designed packaging is essential to retain the quality of the products and make them last longer. It provides convenience to the retailers as well as the customers to store their cannabis easily. The packaging is available as pre-roll tubes, pre-roll boxes, and much more! All of them are excellent options. You can utilize any of them to pack your products safely.

Make Your Cannabis Products More Appealing by using Attractive Pre Roll Packaging:

Whether it’s cannabis or any other product, attractively-designed packaging is necessary to increase the sales of your brand. It gives your item a uniqueness to stand out from the crowd. The manufacturers design cannabis pre-roll packaging by using custom marking, logos, and other fascinating patterns to grasp the attention of consumers. A perfect packaging design is one that rejuvenates your thoughts and takes your brand to the heights of success. For this, you have to work on every little detail to create an exceptional package. Here are five basic tips to deliver an attractive pre-roll packaging that flies off the shelves:

Choose Best Quality Material:

Paper is the most preferably used material to design pre-roll packaging. Whether you want to create pre-roll tubes or boxes, the material is just perfect to give an amazing display. You can use it in different thickness grades depending upon your requirement. Cardboard, cardstock, and Kraft paper are commonly used forms. They are used to design a wide range of packaging products to address your branding needs. The material is die-cut friendly. It supports a variety of printing techniques. Such features facilitate the designers to work on exceptional packaging ideas and printing patterns to create a unique brand identity.

Work on Attractive Color Schemes:

Color is one of the most important factors when it comes to determining purchase behavior. A cannabis pre-roll packaging designed by using eye-catchy color schemes can grasp the attention of every passing-by customer. According to a recent study, it has been concluded that about 70% of the purchase decisions are made in stores. Therefore, the external display of your product significantly matters. Different colors affect differently. The designers should finalize a particular color for your brand after great efforts and research. This not only gives an enticing display to your pre-roll packaging but also helps it to set it apart from the competitions.

Introduce Various Add-On Options:

The demand for cannabis products is increasing by every passing day. Attractively designed pre-roll packaging plays an imperative role in it. To enhance its beauty further, the manufacturers can creatively introduce various add-on features a die-cut window, a PVC window, metallic foiling, embossing/debossing, perforation, or spot UV, etc. Specialized finishing effects like matte/glossy can also be introduced on demand. Such a type of high-value packaging is perfect to highlight your brand in the marketplace.

Hues for Printing:

Different printing alternatives are provided to the companies to work on their distinct brand identity. These shading choices include CMYK and PMS. You can easily use these hues in printing to customize your cannabis pre-roll packaging exactly according to your branding specifications. The difference between these two hues is that by using CMYK you can get the constrained shades at an entirely reasonable cost. On the other hand, PMS gives you boundless shades of colors. However, the costs may sometimes go high on the financial limit.

Use Various Types of Pre-Roll Packaging:

With an increase in the demand for cannabis products, the manufacturers have started working on different packaging alternatives depending upon the nature of the product and consumer requirements. This has given the designers a broader perspective to work upon and showcase their brand more effectively. Whether you are selling individual pre-rolls, or in the form of multi-packs, the packaging can be easily customized to create a superior brand appeal. Below are some of the attractive packaging solutions to ensure efficient branding for your cannabis products:

Pre-Roll Metal Tins:

This long metallic packaging is associated with style and fashion. It is getting trendy these days, making a perfect companion for your mini or full-sized joints.

Pre-Roll Cardboard Boxes:

Whether your joints are single or multi-pack, these customized pre-roll boxes made up of cardboard are perfect for branding.

Paper Pre-Roll Tubes:

Paper pre-roll tubes are an ideal packaging solution preferred by manufacturers and retailers. They are biodegradable, recyclable, and a perfect traveling companion.

Pre-Roll Pouches:

This packaging preserves your pre-rolls vertically or horizontally. Usually comes up with a tamper-evident or child-resistant closure.

Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tubes:

Pop-Top pre roll packaging is designed to seal the freshness, and lengthen the potency of your cannabis products. You have to just squeeze and the bottle is opened. The design is also good resistance against rough handling.

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