Four unusual places in your house to check for mold growth

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Mold particles are invisible, rapidly spreading, and harmful to you and your house. It can infest anything from your flooring to the walls of your house. The damages that come with it can affect your house’s strength and also some allergies. It is pretty common to get coughing, runny nose, or constant sneezing. People with more sensitivity can suffer more damage and health problems with a mold problem. That’s why you have to always keep an eye on any mold growth in your house. It would protect the family and ensure that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of cash later on.

It is easy to spot mold in your walls or flooring. The signs are easy to spot, and you may even see those big spots of rotting. However, the challenge comes up with those hidden and unusual areas. These spots won’t come to your mind, and you can miss them while checking the house. It can be dangerous as the particles can spread to other major areas and cause extensive damage. You would’ve to get a mold remediation company in that case which would be a significant expense. Check out these four unusual spots where mold particles can grow easily and quickly:


Many homes have chimneys which they often leave out when cleaning the house. You need a professional for a sweep and thorough cleaning of the chimney to ensure that it is clean and doesn’t have any room for mold growth. Chimney caps present at the top often let in rain or snow particles. This moisture, coupled with the dark and damp environment, can easily lead to mold. If you don’t clean the chimney for long, you may face structural damage. The expenses would be significant in that case. Ensure that you frequently clean it and get professional help too.

Under the sink

The sink present in the kitchen or the bathroom is the perfect spot for moisture. The space beneath the sink is often left out, and nobody even wipes it for a long time. This can lead to mold infestation, which can quickly spread. You need to wipe it down with a bleach solution. It can kill any growing particles and keep the space safe.

Behind the wallpapers

The best-hidden place for mold is behind wallpapers. You wouldn’t be able to see it, and the particles would continue multiplying. It will damage the wall’s strength, and extensive damage can also harm the look. You should apply mold-preventing paint before applying the wallpaper. Also, you need to regularly check out the walls if there is any dampness in them.

Floor carpets

Another overlooked spot is the carpet on your floors. Many people opt for carpet flooring, which can act as a breeding spot for mold. Those carpets get everything from moisture, spills, and dirt brought into the house. The area under that carpet can easily get a mold infestation which would harm the floors. You need to regularly check it out and also keep the carpets clean by vacuuming.

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