Free money for cancer patients

Free money for cancer patients

Free money for cancer patients
The problem of affordability of cancer care is not new. One estimate from 2012 showed that for every breast cancer patient with a pre-tax family income below $15,000 a year, approximately 25 take a day off from work or reduce their hours. About 15 of those will miss a day of work. But in 2012, 80% Free money for cancer patients were from families with an income of $40,000 or more. This means that most cancer patients can get free care from charities. The founder of the Breast Cancer Care charity, Tessa Pegg, said: “There are other issues and other diseases that need funding. But the truth is that cancer patients are victims of their treatment and are living in poverty.”

At the moment, breast cancer patients can get a year’s worth of free chemotherapy if they have a co-payment, which is decided on by the patient’s GP. There are questions around this.

A comprehensive cancer policy with money going into patient care would be ideal, but all existing health policies need improvement and, given the demands on NHS resources, money can only be found in different ways. This is where charities could be of help to people who need assistance.

In the Netherlands, for example, the financial needs of cancer patients are often monitored by the foundations that are funded by patients and their families. Free treatments are offered on top of any financial help, and if a patient’s health deteriorates, funds can also be offered for drugs.

In this way, it’s possible to guarantee free health care for all patients, and ensure that they do not need to rely on charities in their later years.

Free health care for all

Free cancer care is always expensive. In 2012, the Spanish health minister, Antonio Sánchez Montéz, estimated that £3.25bn of taxpayers’ money was needed to meet the costs of cancer care, of which free health care only covered 20% and non-cash payments covered another 30%.

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