funny pics

funny pics

funny pics

Hope you had a great weekend. Hope you did something fun with your family, or that you got some great vacation pictures. If not, we’ll catch you next weekend.

How do you feel about this entire situation? Are you relieved that this picture was submitted and is being destroyed? How about proud that so many people got to see this joke, picture, picture, funny pics?

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If you got pictures of your friends that you think are funny pics, send us pictures on this site.

Have any more funny pictures of funny pics, pictures that make you laugh? Send them to us and they could end up here!

P.S. Since I promised pictures, here is one of my boyfriend’s family from when he was a kid. They sure were funny then! Funny pictures of people, funny pictures of parties, pictures of funny sights that make you laugh? Submit them and let’s make this a regular feature!

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A Letter To My Unhappy Christmas

There was a time in my life, that no matter how many times I looked at my family I never got an answer or a picture of the big elephant in the living room. After a while I started to think that maybe I was the elephant and my family was trying to hide that fact from me.

Every time I look at my siblings or my family members, I wonder, did they ever say, “I’m sorry”? I wonder if they ever meant it or if I was the idiot for getting frustrated. Why couldn’t they just act happy for me? They were celebrating with me and I wasn’t happy. Why were they making me feel like I was celebrating a lie?

I wish I could have some pictures of my family and friends. I wish they could post the funny pictures of my family members that would make me laugh. I wish I could tell people how sad I felt when I got that picture of them laughing in front of a funny looking picture.

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