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Captain America: Civil War is one of the most amazing movies of the Marvel Universe. The movie was not only a bunch of Easter Eggs but also came up with a turn of interesting events that led to the Endgame. Apart from that, the movie led to the introduction of Black Panther and Baron Zemo. The movie had a lot of other cool stuff to watch. People get to see some amazing Superhero romance and action sequences that will let you get to the end of your seat.

Apart from the whole movie plot that amazed the audience with a lot of twists and turns including the revelation on Tony Stark that Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier who was under the influence of Hydra is revealed by Baron Zemo as the assassin sent to kill HowardStark and Maria who was Tony’s mom. The incident was later on covered up as a car crash. You can watch Captain America: Civil War using Spectrum cable TV. Spectrum cable TV, internet and home phone can be ordered using Spectrum mobile phone number. So without further ado, here are a few gadgets that were shown in the movie:

Black Widow’s Gauntlet

Black Widow needed a few technical adjustments to her attire in Captain America: Civil War. She has been a specialist in the movie as an expert in hand-to-hand combat and she can be seen perching above the enemy’s head and shoulders. She has a protective uniform and a bracelet around her wrist and shoots energy blasts, hooks and other countermeasures both for attack and defense. Apart from that, it gives out an amazing look every time she comes out on the battlefield.


B.A.R.F or Binarily Augmented Retroframing is a complex holographic system that connects to the hippocampus of the user and finds a traumatic memory and alters it before projecting it on external infrastructure. This projection or memory can be re-experienced and one can walk through it as well to overcome any traumatic experiences. In the movie, Tony gets a walkthrough of his memory when his mom and dad were leaving on a trip and got into a car crash which turned to be a murder.

Black Panther Suit

This could one of the first or a prototype Black Panther Suit that is made of Vibranium. T’Challah who recently lost his father and wanted to seek vengeance and kill the man responsible for his father’s death. The suit was form-fitting but seemed to have repelled bullets only. It was more flexible enough to help him move around and has a headpiece that could protect his head. The most important element of the suit was the retractable claws that could scratch the enemy’s face or the weapons they wield. The suit got an upgrade in the solo movie where he could absorb attacking force and redirect it back to the enemies as an offense.

Spider-Man’s Spider-Gizmo

Peter Parker played by Tom Holland joined Team Iron Man and was stealing the show. In the movie, he is seen in a better and fresh and young look. With a little help from Tony Stark who made some upgrades to the spider suit. Apart from that, he also gets to receive a parcel that projects a spider logo on the ceiling. But the reason behind this is still unclear.

Video Contraption on Magnetic Tape

In the later part of the movie, all the superheroes end up being held within a fortress that is surrounded by snow. The villain reveals an important instance of the movie that dated back to the old times stored as video. This looked more like a VHS player and looks cool in the movie.

Sword in the War Machine Suit

We see James Rupert “Rhodey” Rhodes as the man in armor who fights alongside Tony Stark and blasts of targets with rockets, Gatling guns and repulsor rays. But in this movie, the battle at the German airport Col. Rhodes can be seen wielding a new weapon that looks a Cybernetic Mace, club or sword and takes it out from his back. It seemed to have done a lot of clobbering to Team Cap but unfortunately, he gets hit by rays from Vision’s mind stone and falls from the sky.

Final Thoughts

The movie was a jam pack of some really cool stuff that portrayed the technology that belongs to a rich whiz kid and weapon specialist like Tony Stark. Other characters like the Ant-Man were also seen with some advancements like the capacity of being a giant Ant-Man, X-ray vision of Sam Wilson’s goggles Exo-7’s Redwing drone that works as a defensive and offensive gadget and many others that you can see in the movie. As a techno geek and technology researcher, I think that many of these gadgets are already in possession of the military and the civilians. Many variants are being used in the industry to handle tasks including surveillance, movie-making, medical research and many other purposes. Many of these gadgets might become part of our lives in the near future.

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