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game severs

The Pro League saw major change after Nukes ended. In preparation for the 2015 season, Valve reduced the amount of points needed to qualify for the league from 300 to 150. To entice more teams to participate, they also set the prize pool to $500,000. The next change was due to the ongoing reshaping of the game severs: The game has been split into multiple seasons with the first two being hosted on Europe. While the original player ratings will be locked in the game and available for all players, players who use a custom skin will not be allowed to enter games. This includes players who have been disqualified due to cheating.

As to which specific changes we will see in the first season, the full change log can be found here.

While there are still some possible changes to come (notably in the spectator mode), the changes in the game look like they will not last for very long. The Pro League’s first season was already played and the Pro League world rankings were released. According to the top 10, they took place in August of 2014.

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So, don’t play on servers with bad ping! You’ve heard it a million times. But now the official message is going beyond the typical internet etiquette.

Just as Bryan Singer had planned it, Wolverine, the CGI inspired, massively successful superhero film from 20th Century Fox, used a mix of pre-existing footage and digital effects to form the film’s sequences. It appears that the filmmakers are also going to be utilizing pre-existing footage from the X-Men movies, as they have confirmed in interviews that Anthony Mackie, who plays Sam Wilson, the Falcon, will not be portraying the comic book character in a similar way. The actor will be allowed to continue portraying Sam Wilson as part of the ensemble and serve as a non-superhero part of the action, which is sure to serve as a nice surprise for comic book fans.

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