Generational Gap Between The ‘Z’ Generation And The ‘Millennials’

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Generational Gap Between The ‘Z’ Generation And The ‘Millennials’

Nowadays, digital marketing offers many tools that can be used in order to create a strategy. Thus, they depict the aspect of love in the game. That is why tools like Google AdWords management have become so important in the last decade. Moreover, there is another tool that is getting a lot of importance in the field of digital marketing: social media. Social media permits some forms of advertisement, such as social ads. The use of social media has grown exponentially since 2009. Mr win casino tripling UpTriple Profits may look like a very basic slot game, goes through multiple tunnels of security.


However, social media is also very complicated. There are many social networks, that are different between them, that have different objectives and that have different publics. These differences have led to a generational gap between the ‘Z’ and the ‘Millennials’. Find the promotion on SlotsCalendar and get fully informed by reading the review and the terms and conditions. During last summer, there was a bunch of criticisms from teenagers to ‘Millennials’ related to the way they use social media. Online sports betting absolutely dwarfs retail sports betting, and it is estimated that legitimate online casinos handle tens of billions of dollars in sports wagers every year. This criticism has made very evident the generational gap that exists.


If you are wondering who are the ‘Z Generation’, and who are the ‘Millennials’, don’t worry, we are going to explain it to you! ‘Millennials’ are the people that were born in the decade of the 1980s and in the beginning of the 1990s. The ‘Zs’ are the people that were born in the end of the 1990s and later.


During these last months, in which the world has been hit by the Pandemic, we have been doing videocalls with the people we love to keep in touch, teenagers have made many critics about ‘Millennials’ related to the way they use their phone cameras. Apparently, teenagers think that ‘Millennials’ use their cameras from a very old-fashioned angle. That low angle that most adults use nowadays, is a distinctive sign of their age.


Moreover, teenagers criticise how adults tend to give a lot of personal information to tech companies. In general terms, people form the ‘Z’ generation tend to give less personal information to these companies, probably because they are more conscious about the risks of giving your personal information. Most teenagers give a lot of importance to defending their privacy and they don’t like organizations that ask them for information.


Another major gap between these two generations is that while ‘Millennials’ use their email constantly, people from the ‘Z generation’ consider that instant messaging is more effective and that the email is not needed. So, the use of the email is not very popular among teenagers. Hi, I’m Courtney, the Webmaster at No Deposit Kings – We provide visitors with free and easy access to real money casino gaming thanks to no deposit casino bonuses offered by our hand-picked selection of online casinos.


Finally, the ‘Z Generation’ has a big interest in social justice, and they use social media as a form of activism. This year, the Black Lives Matter movement has been a good example of the activism that is done through social media. Other examples are the Me-Too movement or the Vote movement for the United States’ elections.


These differences between these two generations, make evident that there is a big gap between both generations. The problem, is that many companies don’t take into account these differences in their marketing strategies, and they tend to treat equally everybody.


This is a problem, because this produces the rejection of young people towards these companies that are asking them for personal information, or towards social networks that they consider that are made for older people, such as Facebook. Nowadays, social networks such as Facebook or Instagram are losing popularity among the youngest, and other social networks such as Twitter and Tik Tok are gaining popularity among these people. It is very important that marketing strategists search the correct way to reach the younger people, as they might not be doing as effectively as they could.


It is very complicated to define a generation, but what is very clear, is that there is a big gap between the people that was born in the 1980s, and the people that was born at the end of the 1990s and later. That is why every digital marketing expert that uses social media must study very well the different strategies that he or she applies to social media. A fundamental part of the success of their campaign will be using different strategies in social media and different social networks.


The author of this article is Leyre Ínigo Lázaro. Leyre studied a double degree in International Relations and Global Communication in Madrid at the University Of Comillas. Leyre is currently collaborating on projects for accommodation San Sebastian and clinica dental Donostia. She is very determined and creative. Leyre loves to overcome new challenges.

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