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Get More Out of Your PPC Campaigns With A/B Testing

Paid Search has emerged as a potent weapon in the hands of modern-day digital marketers. While organic search which is driven by SEO inputs definitely does wonders in the long run, it cannot match the speed of Paid Search when it comes to immediate boost or for generating quick brand visibility or traffic to your webpage.   

Within paid search, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is the most powerful tool. A lot of brands use PPC to channelise traffic to their webpages on a regular basis. Simply put, in PPC Management, the advertising brand only pays to the host Search Engine (SE) or website only when the user clicks on their PPC ad. 

Due to this high-performance nature of a PPC campaign, SEs want to show only those links which the customers will click and not necessarily the one which yields them the highest revenue per click. This is because, if the customers does not find the link relevant, she may not click on it resulting in an opportunity loss for the SE. There are many brands which get the most out of their PPC campaigns at much smaller budgets than bigger competitors with deeper pockets. Hence, as a brand you need not be the highest money payer, but be the smartest one.  

So how can one make PPC Management smarter?

SEs use a complex algorithm that studies multiple parameters before a particular link is displayed to a potential customer. These include parameters like Ad relevance, historical click-through-rate (CTR), keyword relevance, landing page quality, ad quality, and obviously the money that the brand is willing to spend (bid value) on every click.

We at WebMaxed believe that from a brand’s perspective, it is safer to say that the two most important elements in PPC management are Ad relevance and keyword quality. We draw this inference from the fact that we are the preferred PPC management agency of multi-industry brands across the world. Over the period of time the WebMaxed PPC team has realised that these two elements go a long way to make or break your PPC campaign.

So how do brands manage Ad relevance and Keyword quality?  

One of the most accurate ways of arriving at Ad relevance and Keyword quality is by doing an A/B testing. A/B testing simply means testing the best performing input  which is likely to give the best output and that too before you start a full-fledged PPC campaign. Since every “un-clicked” event is a lost opportunity for the brand, it is advisable to put the best foot forward with A/B testing.  

So how to do A/B testing?

A/B testing can be done for the following elements:

  • Headline : The part which appears in bold blue alphabets which customers can easily read and decide to click.
  • Body Copy: The text which gives additional information and follows the Headline. 
  • Link: Gives an idea where the customer will land after clicking, thus helping the customer make up her mind. 
  • Keywords: The words or phrases the customers search with which showed them this ad in the first place. 

How does one actually conduct A/B testing?

There are simple guidelines for conducting A/B testing. They are:

  • Test multiple ad combinations simultaneously to separate chaff from wheat. 
  • Let every ad run for a couple of thousand of impressions. Since your cost is linked to clicks and not impressions, take your time. 
  • Try different variables like time of the day(Morning – Afternoon – Evening – Night) , day of the week (Weekdays/Weekends), season specific words (Summer Sale, Christmas offer), different creatives and even different keywords.  
  • Analyse the performance of every ad meticulously and impartially. Remember the one you like the most may not be liked by the customers, so be honest in your analysis. 

Remember that for a PPC ad, it is important to earn a click. While earning a click is a cost to the brand, but not generating enough clicks discourages the SE from showing your ad in the future. Hence, we believe that for effective PPC management, A/B testing is a must.  

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