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Multi-chamber Bongs are also very popular. They have multiple chambers and allow for more smoking. More filtration. The next thing you should consider when buying a bong is its shape. If you want to maintain your bong easier or are a cleaning freak, then ashchatchers will be of interest to you. An ashcatcher serves as a barrier to protect your bowl from the downstem. The ash is caught in a chamber that can be either water-filled or dry before it passes through the main filter. Browse our selection of ashcatchers to upgrade your bong and enjoy a smoother smoking experience.

If you choose a joint size of 29.22 mm, be prepared to receive powerful and large hits. Looking for a complex bong that looks like it came out of a laboratory? We have a variety of complex bongs and advanced features to give you the best possible smoking experience. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, as well as offering some of best smoking devices available on the market. Our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

The best way to test a bong is probably by using it for one’s daily smoking habit, which is exactly what our testers have done over weeks and months (and, in a couple of cases, even years). Glass bongs are a popular smoking tool for cannabis stoners because of their filtration system, ease of use and discretion. We at Thick-Ass-Glass are huge fans of Halloween. When the autumn leaves start to turn, vap pen disposable ( we love gathering around a water pipe and watching a horror flick for a spooky session.

Allow the pieces a chance to air-dry completely before reassembling. If you have too many hard to clean areas on your bong, invest in a cleaning solution or pipe cleaner. It will help you to ensure that your favorite piece won’t let down. What’s even more, we have a wide range of unique artisanal glass pieces that we source from glassblowers in the United States. Any user can find a well-crafted pipe that reflects their personality and style, rather than adding functionality.

A bubbler water pipe is not considered a bong. These products are included in the list because they provide water filtration and diffusion. A scientific bong will usually be more than just a regular beaker.

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