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Global Pandemic

Since the early 1900s, this world has been witnessing outrageous pandemics in one of their kinds. HIV Aids pandemic has been hurting mankind in many unimaginable ways but, SARS COV has gone far with its destruction. It has ruined the world economy in an eye blink. SARS COV is a contagious disease with fever and severe dry cough symptoms. SARS COV is an acute respiratory syndrome caused by a virus, called Coronavirus. SARS COV is also renowned as COVID19 by the World Health Organization. The first identified case of COVID19 was reported on Dec’19 in Wuhan, China.

According to the WHO, 218 countries and territories are under the spell of COVID19. The United States is on top of the list with 1, 41,150 reported deaths and still counting. Because of COVID19, the whole world is under lockdown that has affected the world economy drastically. Stock markets, Interest rates in Central Banks and Businesses have clashed as the consumer saving and purchasing power declined. Corporations have started layoffs as per Forbes, the unemployment rate has been risen by a whopping 23%. The Travel & Tourism industry has suffered a lot as traveling to foreign countries increases the chances of transmission of the virus. The education sector is jeopardized all over the world. As, Citizens are disturbed about the current situation, that resulted in the increment of the domestic violence by 10.3% resulting in unfavorable wellbeing of individuals.

COVID19 can be spread from one individual to another in three significant ways. As per the guidelines of WHO, coronavirus can be transfused into the air, when the infected person speaks, cough or sneeze. Respiratory droplets of the virus stay in the air, and the other vulnerable individual can take the virus inside his or her body. Coming in touch with the infected person through handshakes, or any other physical contact can cause the virus to spread itself into the other person’s body. The virus itself is a much heavy particle to stay in the air for a long time and is contaminated into the surface or fabric.

As per the reports of the World Health Organization, the infected individual can witness mild illness to pneumonia. The Centers for disease control & prevention, symptoms of COVID19 can be of three types. The most common symptoms of COVID19 include High fever, dry cough, and severe weakness. Sore throat, Diarrhea, rashes on the skin, and conjunctivitis are some of the less common symptoms of COVID19. Difficulty in breathing, chest pain, or immediate loss of speech or movement is the severe symptoms of COVIID 19.

As per the survey of Euro news, 42% of infected individuals are 80-89age and 70-79 age groups are affected by 35%. Only less than 5% of individuals from 30-39% got affected globally. Since the first-ever reported case, china has witnessed 85,921 confirmed cases, from which 4,653 deaths have occurred. Wikipedia has published the statistics of 14.3 million confirmed cases, with recorded cases 8.04 Million and Deaths up to 603,000 up till July 19th, 2020 worldwide.

Although lockdown is helping the citizens to practice social distancing, it has created fuss among citizens also. As people now have all the time in the world, they are busy in spreading myths regarding the treatment of COVID19. One of the myths includes the use of Ayurvedic and other herbs to cure COVID19.No doubt herbal meds help in boosting human immunity but there is no scientific proof that it can cure the virus. The other top myth is about checking if the person has coronavirus or not. If an individual can hold his breath for more than 20 seconds without any difficulty, the individual does not have the virus.  This procedure does not have any medical affiliation, makes it nothing but a myth.

There is no official treatment or medication licensed for the cure of COVID19. However, the ill person can seek help through personal hygiene or by going to a hospital. Self -care comes first if the patient is trying to get cured while staying at home. Eat nutritious food, dry fruits and have plenty of healthy liquids in your diet. The patient must stay in isolation away from other healthy individuals as to stop the spreading of the virus. The available medical treatments in hospitals for a COVID19 patient is to respire through mechanical ventilators and the transfusion of blood plasma. Despite of all the care, the recovery time of the patient differs. Some patients might take approximately 2 weeks, while in severe cases patients could take up to 3-6 weeks for recovery.

Coronavirus is a novel infectious disease, no certain medications are announced to cure it. However, Citizens can prevent the spreading of COVID19 by following the safety guidelines announced by the government. To prevent the virus from spreading, healthy individuals should avoid with individuals who have traveled recently. As per the instruction of WHO, the individuals should Wash hands frequently almost for 20 seconds. Social distancing is an essential part in the prevention. Stay 6 feet away from people in public places. Use masks, there is a variety of masks available in the market including N95 masks. However, individuals can also make their masks with cotton fabric.

This is a devastating time for everyone. Businesses and other organizations have learned to operate in this time.Be it a grocery store or a university lecture, everything is operating virtually Likewise; Assignment Help in UAE is doing. There is no certain prediction about when the world is going to get COVID negative. However, the Citizens should not panic and must follow the guidelines advised by health workers to prevent the transmission of the virus. There is no need to be in isolation unless the individual has COVID19 symptoms or has a positive Coronavirus positive test result.

Stay home, Stay Safe.

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