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Internet Service Providers, or ISP as they are known, provide internet access at Tier 3, Tier 2, or Tier 1 level. A typical Tier 2 or 3 ISP may operate within one region or have operations across several regions, each branch serving thousands of customers. The basic service is to give customers internet access. Other services may ride piggyback such as domain registration, hosting, and web. Satisfactory services become a challenge, one easily resolved with the use of multi-tenant IP PBX software

You need to deliver excellent customer service

The Philadelphia Business Journal estimates that in the US alone there are over 7000 Internet Service Providers but even if this figure is dubious and the actual number is less than half, it still is a substantial figure. Customers have freedom of choices and service quality influences loyalty as well as revenues. Some operate locally while others, such as Earthlink and MindSpring, offer internet services in several geographic locations. Regardless of service and this means the prompt response is of prime importance to ensure customer retention. Strong service infrastructure is made possible by use of IP PBX software

IP PBX software for ISP customer service 

Prepaid or postpaid, customers expect ISPs to be available to respond. The Unified Communication IP PBX provides multiple pathways of communication tied to a single user interface for fast and easy response. 

  • Email, fax, voice, chat, SMS, conferencing, IVR
  • Integrated billing and payment gateway
  • Support for IP phones, PSTN phones, softphones and mobiles
  • Integration of social media and WhatsApp through unified interface
  • Multi-branch support through multi-tenant IP PBX software
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Direct inward system access, Ring Groups Paging
  • Barge in, whisper, spy
  • Recording, real time analytics and reporting

The IP PBX software may not have all the features that call center software has but what you have can be put to good use to facilitate communication between employees in one location and employees in other locations besides attending to customer calls promptly and effectively. The IVR is the first point of contact, offering self-service, complaint registration, and facility to pay. Automatic call distribution connects customers with the right customer service representative and, if during an ongoing conversation a supervisor needs to intervene, he can do so through the barge-in feature or use conferencing. 

Communication within one branch and with other branches, if you have them, becomes easy with the multi-tenant IP PBX software. Improved customer service means retention and higher revenues. 

Offering IP PBX as a service 

With the infrastructure in place, there is no reason why ISPs should limit their services simply to offering internet access and other low-value services such as hosting and domain registration. It is likely that your client base includes businesses small and large. Subscribe to hosted multi-tenant IP PBX solution and you have an additional revenue stream. Simply offer IP PBX as a service. 

Multi-tenancy makes management easy

Multi-tenant IP PBX is a composite single point subscription but you can branch it into a tree-branch structure, each tenant segregated for the purpose of call usage, statistics, and accounting and yet managed easily through a single dashboard. Offer IP PBX direct to business users. Appoint retailers who, in turn, can set up tenants and sub-tenants within their IP PBX tenancy. 

As the main tenant, you, the ISP, can: 

  • Define access permissions for various modules like IVR, social media, and video calls
  • Set rates and taxes for each sub-tenant in the currency and language of your choice
  • Monitor usage patterns and be able to identify any unusual activity
  • Bill and receive payments that are automatically accounted for
  • Resolve any complaints related to billing or usage or technical hitches for each client. 

Sub-tenants have the freedom to:

  • Maintain a confidential and isolated list of phone numbers in their CRM
  • Separate call records, usage statistics, and billing
  • Appoint further sub-tenants and bill as well as manage such accounts, which is ideal for retailers and resellers or for large enterprises with several branches
  • Make payment to the main tenant immediately above them

Get it from the right vendor and your hosted multi-tenant IP PBX software will be able to handle over 10000 extensions and 1000 concurrent calls with no limit on the number of tenants and sub-tenants. Each one can be assigned permission and rights of access and use of various modules, giving you total control. 

Hosted freedom

It is easy to get started when you subscribe to hosted multi-tenant IP PBX. Signup and the service is ready to go on stream in a day. You have no worries about maintenance or upgrades, the hosted IP PBX software provider takes care of it. You use it for your internal communications and to service customers and you farm out IP PBX to your business clients as a service. You win both ways: serve customers and retain them and then earn more from them through the IP PBX. 

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