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Green New Years Goals For Your Business

When businesses go green, they are not only benefiting themselves but they are benefiting the planet as a whole as well. There are several ways to go green. Some businesses are using solar panels, wind energy, recycling programs and smart equipment to help reduce energy usage. Other businesses are using a more mindful approach as they slowly convert to more long-term green efforts. By being mindful you are teaching yourself as well as your employees to pay attention to wastefulness and energy conservation.

As you convert your business to a more energy conscious establishment you will need to consider daily changes that can make lasting positive impacts. Replace standard light switches with motion detection switches. This will allow lights to turn on in a room or closet only when someone walks in. By not having lights turned on 24/7 you will see a reduction in your energy bill due to your reduction in your energy usage. You can also switch to smart thermostats that allow you to control usage when no one is at the office or business. By reducing usage, you are utilizing fewer fossil fuels.

All of these conscious efforts will help you experience a lower Columbia gas bill. You will save monthly due to your conservation actions at your business. The extra savings can be put towards other energy saving methods around your business. It can be costly to change out break room appliances or heavy-duty office equipment to energy star rated appliances and technology. As you save monthly on your energy bill you can put that money aside to continue with your green efforts at work. You also will be applicable for tax deductions for energy efficient technology and appliances as well as solar panels and other green energy harnessing methods.

Green Business Tips

Switching your business over to a green business does not have to be a hassle. A new year means a new opportunity to save energy and cut back on your carbon foot print at work. As your employees notice the positive changes at work, they may also implement these energy saving techniques at home. The trickle-down effect will eventually spread throughout the community which will produce a greater number of people that are aware of their carbon foot prints and consumption.

 Friendly competition boasts moral

  • A little at a time will eventually result in all energy efficiency

  • Consult in natural energy harnessing businesses

  • Recycle

A little bit of a friendly competition amongst co-workers can result in a big change at your business. Encourage co-workers to exercise more by conducting a group “step” challenge. Sync up the office on a steps app to see who walks the most daily. This will encourage your employees to drive less and walk more. The less fuel they utilize for their vehicles, the less pollution they create daily. You can also encourage a monthly recycling contest to see who recycles the most amongst the staff.

Small changes will make a lasting impact. You may not be able to install solar panels all over your business roof but you can begin by changing all light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs. You can also switch light switches to motion activated switches and slowly replace technology and appliances with energy saving ones.

When it is time to harness solar, wind or water energy you can speak to a green energy provider directly. They will be able to quote you up front costs and the savings you will see over time.

A big change that you can make with little effort is recycling. If your business does not have a recycling bin, you need to get one asap. This will allow everyone to reduce the waste they are sending daily to the landfills.

By encouraging the reduction of waste and energy consumption you are doing your part at work to help save fossil fuels, reduce energy bills and lower your carbon footprint.

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